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Cas Character

Pat Garratt

Played by Ian Kershaw


S13 E3 – S13 E24

Character Information

PC Pat Garratt first appeared in S13 as a love interest for Nurse Chloe and remained for most of the series as a regular character. He was always more in love with Chloe than she ever was with him, and the relationship ended after Chloe found out she was pregnant with Sean’s baby.

Pat Garratt first appeared in S13 E3 after arresting a pickpocket, who later tries to flee from the department, biting Pat in the process. As Chloe treats him they begin to flirt, causing a jealous Sean to step in and finish Pat’s treatment himself. In S13 E4 Pat appears again to bring in Frank Leyland, the father of a biker who died in Resus, and also Pat’s boss. While he is in the department, Chloe asks Pat to her and Tina’s housewarming party. Later that night at the party they kiss before Chloe leads him into her bedroom.

Although very little is seen of Pat, it is assumed that he and Chloe have continued their relationship. When a seriously injured man attacks Pat in S13 E8 with a bit of metal it is Chloe who treats his cut. While patching him up she confesses that she’s always worried that one day he will be seriously hurt. Pat tells her not to worry and kisses her. And when Chloe returns to work after her mothers death, it is Pat she invites to the Christmas party in S13 E17 and the two are seen happily dancing together. However in S13 E19, Pat is called to the scene of a riot on a housing estate and when an injured arrested man tells Pat he’s a haemophiliac, Chloe and Sean are called out, leading Sean to criticise the police’s handling of the situation. Pat is later hit by a flying bottle and again has to be treated by Chloe. Pat returns to the department in S13 E21 when he arrests a football hooligan and brings him into A&E. Pat talks to Chloe, and says he was scared at the riots, that’s why he behaved the way he did, giving us some extra insight into his character. He later asks her for a drink and Chloe agrees.

But by S13 E24 when Pat again brings a man into A&E, he asks Tina if her and Sean want to go for a drink with him and Chloe, it is clear that Chloe is less than excited about the prospect. And in S13 E28 we find out that Chloe and Pat have broken up, leading to his quiet departure from the series.

Guide by Nina.

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Cas Actor

Plays Pat Garratt DATE OF BIRTH : 15th December BORN : Oldham, Lancashire LIVES : Glossop, Derbyshire FAMILY : His parents run a taxi...

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