Petra Letang

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petra_letangPlays Adele Effanga


PLACE OF BIRTH : Plaistow, London

TRAINED : Anna Scher Acting School

PREVIOUS HOLBY CITY APPEARANCE : Petra appeared as herself in ‘Making it at Holby’ documentary in 2004.

TELEVISION CREDITS : Family Affairs; Babyfather 2; Jonathan Creek; The Last Detective; The Bill; Eastenders; Secret Dude Society; Holby City

FILM CREDITS : A Heart Divided; Wondrous Oblivion; Betsy and Leonard

THEATRE CREDITS : Rough Road to Survival; Breath Boom; Local Boy; Generations of the Dead; Mules; Beautiful Thing; Escobar Estate; Fallout; Badnuff; How Love is Spelt; The Weave; The President of an Empty Room; Funny Black Women on Edge; Baby Girl/ The Miracle; My Wonderful Day; Joe Turner’s Come and Gone; Every Coin; Truth & Reconciliation; Pandora’s Box

AGENT : Gordon & French, 12-13 Poland Street, London W1F 8QB.

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