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HC Character

Reg Lund

Played by Martin Hancock


S7 E37 ‘Rat Race’  – S8 E52 ‘Moondance’

Reg appeared in 18 episodes.

Job Title

Research Registrar

First WordsBackground

Reg started work as a Registrar in General Surgery however finding it difficult to communicate with patients, Reg felt more at ease working in the labs. His sense of humour puts people at ease however when it comes to his love life, Reg finds himself incredibly shy.

Reg’s first appearance is in S7 E37 when after returning to work, Diane finds herself in a new position as a Research Registar based in the lab where he is also situated. Despite Reg’s enthusiasm, Diane isn’t too happy with her new role.

Reg continues to have a number of brief appearances and when new manager Bradley makes an appearance in S8 E32, we learn that Reg has feelings for Donna. Bradley asks Donna to go to the May ball that evening. Donna is pleased, thinking he is interested in her. However, she is gutted to learn that Bradley actually likes Mickie, and it’s Reg who fancies her. Donna decides not to go to the ball, leaving Reg devastated. In S8 E33, Reg assists Abra in an operation that is breaking the rules. In S8 E39, Bradley is becoming unpopular with staff. When he offers to take Donna out to dinner, she gladly accepts – leaving poor Reg in the lurch again, who she had earlier made plans with. In S8 E40, Reg and Donna fall out when Reg tries to warn her about what Bradley is really like. However, Donna is oblivious and accuses Reg of stirring things up. In S8 E43, Reg is flustered after seeing Donna come out of the staff shower and gets nervous again later when a patient with abdominal pains removes her top. He manages to untie his tongue long enough to diagnose a cyst. But Mickie teases him for the longing looks he’s been giving Donna. Reg shows some courage when he finds Donna upset over her split with Bradley and comforts her. However when he later sees Bradley and Donna make up, he is again at a loss. In S8 E48, Bradley is offered a spa weekend by a drugs rep as an incentive. Reg thinks this is unethical but Bradley is nonchalant about it and says he will probably take Donna with him, further incensing Reg. Reg plucks up the courage to tell Donna how he feels about her in the staffroom. As she turns round, following his long speech, he realises she hasn’t heard a word he’s just said as she had headphones on. In S8 E50, [ID 1535]Matt[/ID] and Reg uncovering further evidence of drug-tampering, which could lead to Bradley.

Memorable Moments

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