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HC Character

Mark Williams

Played by Robert Powell


S7 E18 ‘Stick or Twist’ – S13 E15 ‘Don’t Go Changing’

Job Title

First Words

(to Chrissie) I’m just about to go off shift!


Tricia’s ex husband and Chrissie’s father, Mark is a loveable rogue torn between his sense of duty to his family and a quest for adventure and fun. He can’t handle heavy emotion and his usual tactic is to run when the going gets tough. However Mark is also an excellent nurse and has a great way with patients.

We are first introduced to Mark in S7 E18, when Chrissie goes to London to search for him. Chrissie finds him working in a hospital. When they speak he guesses she is his daughter and he is shocked to see her. Mark tells Chrissie he is too busy to talk now but will meet her in the gardens in ten minutes. Chrissie waits but a nurse comes and tells her that Mark could not make it. Chrissie finds out that he will be at a registry office and when she arrives she finds out that it is Mark that is getting married. However, the ceremony is interrupted by immigration services – Mark explains to Chrissie that he was marrying the woman as a favour so she could get a British passport. He tells Chrissie to wait for him but disappears. Chrissie and Diane decide to go to his flat. When Chrissie arrives she finds the door open – Mark is being attacked by a man. Chrissie fights him off and throws him out. Mark explains that the man was his intended wife’s brother, he wants the money he paid Mark for the wedding back. Mark tells Chrissie he no longer has the money – he paid it to his ‘favourite charity’. Chrissie tells him that Tricia is ill and pleads with him to come and see her but he declines. She says that every Christmas and birthday she waited to get cards from him. Mark says that he did send cards and presents but they were all returned to him – unopened. He says that she does not know what really happened between him and Tricia. Chrissie begs him to come back to Holby with her – he reluctantly agrees. Later, when Chrissie and Diane arrive at the flat he is not there. In S7 E19, Mark goes to see Chrissie who tells her about Tricia’s illness. When Tricia bumps into him, she is furious at seeing him. Owen and Mark get talking – Chrissie comes over and tells Mark not to talk to him as he tried to ruin her relationship with her mother. Mark punches Owen. Tricia warns Chrissie if she wants a relationship with her father, she has to choose between them. In S7 E20, Mark comes in to see Chrissie, a man collapses in front of him and Mark comes to his aid. Chrissie complains to Connie about the nurse shortage and Connie replies that Mark can work a shift. Tricia is angry but Mark decides to do it. Tricia tells Chrissie she cannot believe that she has chosen Mark over her own mother, and says she should send Mark home – Chrissie refuses. Mark works with Owen and the pair end up resolving their differences. Chrissie encourages Mark to apply for a full time nursing post at Holby – Tricia is furious and Mark says he has decided not to try for the job. In S7 E21, Mark decides to leave Holby City as it is obvious that Tricia does not want him around, and Chrissie is coming round to her mum’s way of thinking. After dealing with a patient whose parental situation mirrors her own, Tricia changes her mind and tells Mark he can stay – Chrissie can make up her own mind. Mark pleads with Chrissie to let him stay and prove himself as a father. In S7 E22, Tricia is annoyed to learn she is working with Mark. Chrissie warns her to behave professionally towards him but the pair bicker throughout the day. At the stag do Mark and Tricia talk and make-up, Tricia makes him promise not to hurt Chrissie. In S7 E23, Tricia and Mark talk at Owen & Diane’s wedding reception and decide to call a truce. Mark is treating a patient, Sandra, when her husband has been involved in an accident outside. Mark decides she should be told of his condition, against Lisa’s opinions. Sandra makes a run from the ward to go see him, but collapses on the stairwell. Mark, being the doting nurse, takes her up to see him after his operation.In S7 E27, Mark tells Chrissie he cannot meet her that night. He says he wants to take things slowly and does not think he can give her what she wants. Chrissie storms off. Mark goes out with Lisa for a drink instead. In S7 E28, Chrissie persuades Connie to consider Mark for a permanent position, she says she will interview him that afternoon. Chrissie goes to tell Mark the good news but he is too busy flirting with Lisa to respond. Later, Tricia goads Mark saying she knows he will not hang around for long. To prove her wrong he agrees to go to the interview. However, he later changes his mind and tells Connie he does not want the job. Connie is furious and berates Chrissie for wasting her time. Chrissie storms into the bar where Lisa and Mark are drinking. She tells Mark she wants nothing more to do with him. In S7 E29, Chrissie is still annoyed with Mark, but he cannot understand why she is so upset with him. She tells Tricia that she wishes they had not been re-united. Later, Mark tries to talk to Chrissie but she is not interested. Mark helps treat homeless man, Henry, after he is beaten up. He reunites him with his long suffering brother, before Henry’s condition suddenly worsens and dies. In S7 E30, Tricia persuades Mark to ask Chrissie to the charity ball, so they can make amends.

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