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HC Past Series

10.28 You’re So Vain – 15/4/08

Episode Summary

While treating a transplant patient, Maddy is shocked when an unusually friendly Jac covers for her mistake in theatre. Dr Greene suspects that Jac thinks she’ll be Linden’s golden girl by either saving a patient or helping a colleague – but when Jac gets in trouble with Linden over her actions, she continues to cover for Maddy’s mistake.

Lady Byrne returns to Holby and is shocked to discover that Charles’s charity is suffering through lack of funding and poor management. When Lady Byrne re-schedules a heart patient’s operation, Jayne thinks she’s the person to take the charity forward and, when Lady Byrne agrees to become Executive Chair of the charity, Jayne is delighted.

Also, Donna and Maria are having fun uploading profiles for the Sexy Consultant Awards – but Michael becomes frustrated by Donna’s behaviour and assumes that she’s gossiping about them sleeping together.

Notable Facts

* ‘Don’t Want to Know’ by Martyn John plays at the beginning and end of the episode.

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