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HC Past Series

10.29 The Softest Music – 22/4/08

Episode Summary

When Mark finds himself unexpectedly caught up in a dangerous teenage gang-stabbing incident his priorities come into sharp focus and it forces him to begin to question his job at Holby City.

After learning that Charles’s charity was suffering, Lady Byrne arrives at Holby City all ready to make a difference. She creates an instant impression as the new chairman of the Byrne charity and takes action by backing Connie’s future plans and appointing Elliot as the new Medical Advisor.

Meanwhile, Connie fights to save the lives of two teenage heart transplant patients, who are having an illicit Romeo and Juliet-style romance while they wait for their operations. Unfortunately, like the Shakespearean story, it all ends in tragedy.

Also, Michael gets angry when Ric walks out on a cosmetic operation.

Notable Facts

* ‘Love Me Tender’ by Elvis plays at the beginning of the episode.

* ‘Fireworks’ by Embrace plays during this episode.

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