S10 E33

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Ric and Kyla treat malnourished schoolgirl Hannah, whose friend reveals that she’s dying because she fears being alone. When Hannah dies, distraught Kyla is desperate for a drink and heads for the hospital bar, where she finds Abra drowning his sorrows after being rejected for the locum job. Kyla resists the temptation to go back to Abra and alcohol – realising it’s OK to be alone.

Although Faye and Joseph are relieved to learn that she isn’t pregnant, Joseph says that she should stil consider his marriage proposal. Realising she does really love Joseph, Faye slips a note in his file saying ‘yes’. But the engagement is soon broken off when Faye finds Donald’s medical file in Joseph’s briefcase and realises that Joseph doesn’t fully trust her.

Maria is suspicious of patient Alex Deacon and decides to investigate her before taking her blood test. Later, Sam finds Maria crying and she reveals that she thinks Alex is her birth mother, and doesn’t know what to do. With Alex’s condition deteriorating, Sam urges Maria to go and see her mum.

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