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HC Past Series

S11 E29

S11 E29 (5 May 09) : Smoke and Mirrors by Sebastian Backiewicz

Episode Summary

Connie presses Michael to agree to the out-of-court settlement. She knows that he and Annalese doctored the medical notes and tells him that either Annalese’s career or both of their careers are on the line. Annalese can’t jeopardise Michael’s career, so she agrees to settle. Annalese tells Michael that she is pregnant, is dropping the claim and is leaving him.

Maddy, meanwhile, wants to apply for a promotion but needs Ric’s support. She puts up with his unfairness and works hard, until Ric realises and puts in her application with his approval.

Elsewhere, Mark arranges for Chrissie to have an interview for the sister job on the Acute Assessment Unit by using devious methods.

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