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HC Past Series

S12 E29

S12 E29 (20 Apr 10) : X-Y Factor by Nick Fisher

Episode Summary

Chrissie tries to embrace Sacha’s family – his two daughters and his larger-than-life mother, Esther – but finds it all too much when Esther starts talking about wedding plans. She tells Sacha he will always be a part of baby Daniel’s life, but they will never be a family.

On the day of Jac and Paula’s kidney transplant, Jac tries to stop her birthday becoming public knowledge. When Paula hits a complication in theatre, Michael, Ric and Joseph battle to save her. After the operation, Paula’s memory is jogged by Donna. And Jac celebrates her birthday with her mum for the first time in over 20 years.

Michael feels humiliated when Cunningham announces he wants Michael to share the Director of Surgery responsibilities with Connie. Aghast, Michael tries to convince Cunningham to let him job share with Ric.

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