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HC Past Series

S12 E52

S12 E52 (21 Sep 10) : Test Results by Rob Williams

Episode Summary

Linden is back from his religious retreat with more zeal than ever. New F1 Lucy is starting her first shift and intervenes in a situation on the ward, which results in acid being thrown in her face. Linden stabilises Lucy in theatre.

Meanwhile, Faye has heard Linden is back and attempts a reconciliation. Linden is strong, however, and tells Faye he was wrong to start a relationship with her.

Michael is livid that Connie has been made joint director of surgery without his consultation. Connie is determined to prove her critics wrong and make the job-share work. Michael tries his best to set Connie up for a fall in a board meeting but Connie is triumphant – the battle lines have been drawn.

Jac gets a wake-up call when she realises that winning the respect of the team on Keller is harder than she thought.

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