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Cas Series

S15 E10

S15 E10 (4 Nov 00) : States of Shock by Susan Boyd

Episode Summary

Duffy returns to work after a weekend away with Andrew. She tells Colette that Andrew will be coming to work in Holby A&E whilst Broadway General is closed for refurbishment – he sprung it on her at the weekend, thinking it would be a nice surprise. Colette agrees with Duffy that it’s a nightmare for her. Duffy is annoyed that Max didn’t mention it, and tells him so. Max says he assumed Andrew had told her – that it was Andrew’s place to do so and not his. He’s surprised that Duffy thinks it will be awkward for the three of them to work together after his and Duffy’s brief affair, and assures her that there’s no way Andrew will find out. Duffy tells Max she’s just asking for some consideration. She says they’ll just have to behave like grown-ups.

Penny is collecting money for a wedding present for Leslie, one of the paramedics. Max asks her how her first aid course is going; she says she’s been running it for three weeks now and no-one’s dropped out. Penny asks Chloe for money but Chloe says she can’t give anything at the moment.

A young man who has been stabbed is brought into resus. A few minutes later his father Gary comes in and insists on staying. His son Kevin arrests and after attempting to resuscitate him they realise there’s nothing they can do. Max explains this to Gary, who can’t take it in. When Gary understands, they stop resuscitation. Gary sits with Kevin for a while until Barney comes and says the police need to see Kevin. He takes Gary to the hospital chapel. Gary says he’s an atheist, but Barney says maybe that’s what God prefers – people who don’t make demands on him all the time. Gary says he and his dad hated each other, and one day he woke up and realised he’d turned into his father. Gary says it should have been he who was stabbed. He explains that he left his wife and son years ago, but then came back to find Kevin, and they were getting on well. Kevin accompanied him to the football match the night before despite the fact that he didn’t like football, and they went to the pub after the match. They walked home and Kevin was cold, so Gary gave him his scarf. Then a bunch of United supporters came along, took one look at the Holby City scarf, and went for Kevin. Gary says he didn’t see what happened – he just ran away, as he did when Kevin was five. He says it should have been he who was stabbed, and he wishes it had been. Later he comes to say goodbye to Barney. He says he really wanted to make a go of it, to be a real dad to Kevin, but he ended up doing more damage than if he’d stayed away.

Chantelle Cassidy is complaining to her friend Emma Dixon that she can’t get any new trainers until her mum comes out of prison – she says she hasn’t been able to see her mum because she isn’t allowed any visiting orders yet. They decide to skive school and go to nick some trainers. On the way they see a group of lads they know, and exchange insults with them. The lads light a firework and throw it at them, but it goes over their heads and lands by an old lady who’s out walking her dogs. The dogs are startled and run around, making the old lady trip over their leads. Chantelle wants to help the old lady but Emma drags her away.

Mel and Finlay arrive to help the old lady, Eleanor Watson. Mel is apparently scared of the dogs and hardly moves out of the ambulance, leaving Fin to do most of the work. Eleanor is taken to Holby A&E, complaining all the time. She needs to go up to X-ray, and insists that Chloe takes her bags to put them somewhere safe whilst she’s gone. Chloe takes them away and puts them somewhere, then asks Amy to cover for her as she goes to the bank to try to extend her overdraft. She returns, and gives Amy the money she owes her. Eleanor asks for her bags back and Chloe returns them; Eleanor looks in her handbag and discovers her purse is missing. She is very angry and insists on calling the police straight away, saying she’d only just collected her father’s legacy for the week. They arrive, and Chloe is interviewed. She tells them she left the bags in the sluice room. They ask if she was in the department from the time she put them there until she left, and she has to tell them that she left the building. Amy lets it slip to Duffy that Chloe left, and Duffy reproves her. She says that if there had been a major emergency Chloe’s presence could have meant the difference between a patient living and dying; she also says that Chloe has left herself open to suspicion.

Finlay is annoyed that Mel left him to do all the work because of her fear of dogs. He tells Barney about it and they tease her. Mel gets upset and walks away. Fin goes after her. She tells him that she’s not just scared of dogs; she has a phobia about them and feels physically sick whenever she goes near one. She tells Fin it’s because she was attacked by a neighbour’s dog when she was a child. Fin apologises for teasing her about it. They go to clean out their ambulance, and find Eleanor Watson’s purse down the side of the trolley. They return it to her, and she checks to make sure everything is there. She takes out her state pension book, and says it’s her father’s legacy, and begins to cry. She tells Duffy that her father left her mother for another woman when she was just a child, and didn’t give them a penny from the day he left. When he died, he didn’t mention her or her sister in the will. Duffy asks if they contested the will, but Eleanor says they had their pride. Duffy says you can have too much pride, but Eleanor says it’s better than having too little.

Chantelle and Emma get to the shops. They take some shoes, and as they leave the shop the alarm sounds and they run. A security guard chases them, and he is soon joined by another. The two girls find themselves cornered. The guards grab Chantelle but Emma is still running, and a forklift truck knocks her down. Chantelle does her best to help, talking to her and keeping her still, until Penny arrives in an ambulance. Emma is taken to Holby A&E. She blames Chantelle for the accident, saying she’s ruined her career – her leg is broken and Emma wanted to be a runner. Emma tells Chantelle that the reason she hasn’t had any visiting orders from her mum is that they’ve all gone to her mum’s boyfriend – her mum has always cared for her blokes more than for Chantelle. Chantelle leaves, upset. Penny finds her sitting in the corridor. Penny tells Chantelle she did really well at the accident scene. Chantelle says she’d love to do Penny’s job but she can’t, because she’s rubbish – even her mum doesn’t want to know her. Penny tells her she’s not rubbish, and assures her that she means it.

Graham Wingate takes his wife Alice to a clinic for ECT, a treatment for depression which passes electricity through the brain to induce a fit. She doesn’t want to go, saying it means she can’t think straight, but Graham persuades her. Their daughter Valerie objects to the treatment, saying it’s dangerous, and feels her father pushed her mother into it. Graham later goes to pick up Alice. She is diabetic and the nurse says her blood sugar level is low; she wants Alice to stay until she’s had something to eat, but Alice wants to go. Graham says he’ll take her home and give her some chocolate to eat on the way. Alice is confused after her treatment; she doesn’t eat it. When the car stops at a junction, she gets out and walks away. She goes into a shop, and collapses on the floor. She is taken to Holby A&E, where they discover her collapse was due to her low blood sugar level. Graham says she’s usually good at controlling it, but that she must have forgotten; Valerie says that’s not surprising given the state she’s in from the treatment. They are arguing at Alice’s bedside, and Alice suddenly says, “Don’t let daddy do that to me.” Valerie assumes she means Graham, but Graham tells her that Alice is talking about her own father. He tells Valerie that Alice’s father abused her from when she was a young child until she left home at the age of fifteen. He was the first person she ever told, and he said they should never mention it again, but it has left Alice depressed ever since. Colette says maybe it would have helped to have talked, but Graham insists that’s not true, saying that these days everyone spills out their hearts everywhere, even on TV; he says there’s no dignity anymore. He says he thought he was doing the right thing by not letting her talk about it. They go back to Alice, who says that the ECT wiped out half her memory, but still couldn’t block out the one thing she wants to forget. Graham says he sorry he got it all wrong; he says they’ll stop denying it now. Alice holds his hand.

The department has their fireworks party. Chloe tells Barney it was horrible thinking everyone suspected her of stealing Eleanor’s purse. He says he didn’t think for a moment that she’d done it. Holly asks if they want to go to the pub after the fireworks. Chloe refuses but the others persuade her, Barney saying he’ll buy the drinks. They watch as the fireworks go off.


– Kevin Parnell, a 23-year-old that is stabbed to death by some football supporters

– Eleanor Watson, a 63-year-old woman with a broken hip

– Emma Dixon, 15, breaks her leg after being hit by a truck

– Alice Wingate, collapses in shopping centre because of low bloodsugar levels

First Scene/words

[Penny is bringing in a patient and they are taking him down the corridor to resus.]

Penny: Kevin Parnell, age 23, stab wounds to the chest and abnomen. He arrested on route, he’s been in EMD for seven minutes.

Last Scene/words

[Everyone is standing outside waiting for the fireworks. Everyone looks excited and Chloe is covering her ears. Dan lights the firework and a while later it explodes in the sky.]

Guide by Alison & Karin.

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