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Cas Series

S18 E24

S18 E24 (14 Feb 04) : Fallen Hero by David Lane

Episode Summary

Comfort is upset and uncomfortable after her argument with Fin and asks Luke to work with her instead of Fin, who agrees and makes an excuse for the change. Fin tries to apologise for hitting Comfort, but she is clearly uncomfortable.

A young boxer, Glen, is training for his match against Ronnie that night. His trainer, Alan Binns is very competitive but had to give up fighting himself due to injury. A mysterious man, Roger, tries to secretly film them training from the outside. Suddenly, he falls through the glass roof to Glen and Alan’s feet. A glass shard severes an artery in Alan’s arm. Roger has two dislocated ankles and is treated by Jim and Lara. Roger tells Glen he is a private detective and Alan is an insurance fraudster who has been scamming him all along. Although upset, Glen continues with the boxing match and wins, but his opponent, Ronnie collapses after losing the fight.

Charlie has another visit from the official from the child welfare office, who is making a report on Charlie and Louis’ relationship so the courts can make a judgement on where Louis is best suited to live. Charlie is nervous and worried. Charlie also has the responsibility of nursing Kenneth, Baz’s father, who is dying. Louis and Charlie later have a heart to heart, and Louis realises his grandad will die soon, but is comforted by the fact that he is old. He is stil haunted by Baz’s memory and the accident. Charlie comforts him as he bursts into tears.

Nikki is clearly unwell and discusses her pregnancy with Claire. She doesn’t know whether the baby’s father is Andy or Jim, and she doesn’t know whether to keep the baby. Roxy is concerned but Nikki decides not to tell her because she feels Roxy will want her to keep the baby, because Roxy is pregnant and also has her own daughter. However, Claire lets it slip to Roxy, thinking Roxy already knows about the pregnancy. Roxy is hurt that she is the last to know, but Roxy is appalled to find out, Jim doesn’t even know yet. Nikki later tells Roxy and Claire she wants an abortion, but doesn’t want to tell Jim.

A pregnant woman, Wendy, is brought in with abdominal pains – she has been trying to induce the birth with hot food, castor oil and exercising so she can go dancing. She eventually goes into labour, and to Jim and Tess’ disgust, is pleased because she may be able to go to the party.

Nikki tries to build bridges with Jim, maybe so she can tell him about her pregnancy, but he brushes her off. However, Jim tries to speak to her later, but Nikki is fed up, stroppy and she brushes him off, telling him that he’s “not the only one that’s hurting.”

Bex shows off all her Valentine’s cards and is teased by Claire. Tess tells Bex off because her cards are “unprofessional”, as Mike enters with a huge bunch of flowers for Tess. She turns her attentions to him, and tells him off because they must have been expensive.

However Mike was earning the money by working as a bouncer at the boxing match. However, he is beaten up my a gang, and his hand trampled on. He tries to avoid Tess when Nikki brings him in to A&E but they eventually run into each other and he is forced to explain that he needed to buy her roses to maintain some of his bruised pride.

Simon is discharged in a wheelchair and Lara sees him off cheerfully. They arrange to meet at Simon’s flat later. However, Tally turns up instead, and Simon makes it clear that she is unwelcome and he is impatient with her. Her flowers and card are unappreciated as Simon feels nothing towards her. She later asks Lara about his condition, and to Lara’s amusement, innocently asks how long it will be until he is able to “do it!”

Lara is confused by her Valentine’s present – the adoption of a koala at Holby Zoo. She suspects Harry and asks Abs for his opinion, who is amused by someone likening Lara to a koala, “cute, cuddly, Australian, aggressive when provoked…!”

Harry later asks Lara how many Valentines she received, confirming her suspicions about the identity of her secret admirer. She makes it clear that his efforts are unappreciated.

Despite Tally and Harry, Lara goes round to Simon’s flat. They become intimate and are very comfortable in each other’s company, it becomes clear that Simon adopted the koala for her, but he is keen to hide it when he reaslises Lara’s opinion on the issue. They lean in to kiss, but Lara puts her head on his shoulder instead and the intimate moment turns awkward.

Comfort continues to avoid Fin and Luke confronts Fin. Fin tells him that he hit her and his reasoning behind it doesn’t matter, he is shocked and disgusted in himself. Luke is appalled and shocked, but offers Fin a bed until he can sort things out. Meanwhile, Comfort breaks down to Tess and she tells Tess she pushed Fin too far and he hit her. Tess is furious with Fin and tells him the situation is zero tolerance.

A woman, Anne, with severe abdominal pain is brought in with a very concerned husband, Matt. Ann has been trying for a baby and worries that she could be miscarrying after finally getting pregnant. Matt eventually confesses to Tess and Harry, that Ann had been slimming to increase her chances of concieving but Matt was jealous of the attention she attracted when she was slimmer, and so had been putting steriods in her food to make her gain weight. They are all furious, and Ann doesn’t want to see Matt ever again, especialy as she has peritonitis and may lose the baby she had tried so hard for.


Alan Binns – severed artery in his arm after hit by faling glass

Ronnie Buchanan– collapses after losing a boxing match

Roger Morgan – dislocates his ankles after falling through a roof

Anne Bevitt – abdominal pains, peritonitis, her husband was giving her steroids

Wendy Collins – pregnant woman brought in with pains after trying to induce labour

First Scene/ words

Comfort enters the Ambulance station and takes the rota off the wall

Luke : “Hi”

Comfort : “Hi”

Luke : “You feeling better?”

Comfort : “Yeah, I’m fine”

Luke : “Better not be eating curries for a bit though…”

Comfort : “Sorry?”

Luke : “Ahh, you two want to get your stories straight before you start throwing sickies!”

Comfort : “Er, yeah, do me a favour Luke please…”

Luke : “Sure, if I can…”

Comfort : “Work with me today instead of Nikki.”

Luke : “Is there a problem?”

Comfort : “Something like that, let’s just say we need a bit of space”

[Fin enters]

Fin : “Hey mate!”

Luke : “Hi”

Fin : “What happened to today’s rota?

Luke : “Oh, they just phoned it in, printer’s not working or something, I don’t know… You’re on with Nikki.”

Fin : “Why the change?”

Luke : “Search me… I think I’ll go and get a coffee.”

Comfort : “Yeah, I’ll join you.”

Last Scene/ words

[Outside the Emergency Department]

Roxy : “Alright?”

Nikki : “Yeah, hiya…”

Roxy “What was all that about?”

Nikki “Nothing… it’s alright… just a bit difficult at the moment. We can’t have a normal conversation, which is understandable, but… Right, okay, I’ve made a decision… about… yeah you know what about… I’m gonna need your support please…”

Roxy : “That was what we were just talking about.”

Claire : “That’s what friends are for…”

Nikki : “Good, ‘cause I’ve decided I’m not going to keep it…yeah, I’m gonna have an abortion”

Notable Facts

* There is a koala at Holby Zoo called Lara Stone.

* Tess believes boxing is not considered a sport.

* Simon says “Carpe Diem” – Seize the day.

(Review by Daisy)

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