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Cas Series

S19 E41

S19 E41 (25 Jun 05) : The Long Goodbye by Nick West

Episode Summary

Selena comes in to see how drug mule Melissa is doing. She is told the drugs were cleared from her system but she is now found to have inoperable cancer. Will comes to the hospital and tells Selena that he still wants to get back with her, Selena does not want to talk about it. Melissa’s daughter Kamile (also a drugs mule) comes to visit her mum. Outside DS Straker and Erika are looking for Kamile – she has seen their faces so they need to kill her. DS Straker asks Kamile to come to the station, he leads her outside but Selena sees Straker and recognises him from last week. He lies to Selena and says he was working undercover that day but she does not believe him and warns Kamile to get out of the car. Erika stabs Selena and they drive off leaving her collapsed in the hospital car park, too weak to call for help. A passerby finds Selena later and she is rushed into theatre. Harry and the team fight to save her life. Later the car carrying Kamile, Straker and Erika crashes and they are brought in as patients.

Comfort and Luke pick up two young children, Andy and Laura, who have collapsed with carbon monoxide poisening from a gas lamp whilst camping with their mother, Caroline. The children’s father, who has custody of them is furious with Caroline. Tess has to calm her down, when she realises this will harm her chances of having access to them in future.

A junkie, Max, has an injured hand with a number of nails missing. He demands morphine from Claire but when she refuses he leaves, not wanting any treatment at all.

Maggie is looking after her Dad Stan at home. She is called in to work and her son Jamie reluctantly agrees to look after him. At work Bex tells Maggie Jamie has been calling her, she tells Bex that she does not want to speak to him unless it is an emergency. Later, Maggie worries about Stan and asks Harry if she can come home but Harry refuses to let her.

Two old tramps, Terry and Jimmy, arrive after having a fight with eachother. Terry has hand injuries whilst Timmy has a fractured nose. The team want to keep Timmy in but he refuses and Maggie lets him go without much reasoning with him. She feels guilty when he is later brought in with an intercranial bleed and dies.

Maggie realises her father needs her and she tearfully begs Guppy to cover her shift for her. Guppy agrees and Maggie rushes home. She gets there just in time to discover Stan has started a small fire in the kitchen. A frustrated Maggie looses her temper and shouts at Stan.

Bex is still not speaking to Claire. Claire tells her she just found out that Pete has raped someone before. Claire tries to apologise but Bex says she is just trying to clear her conscience. Bex says she is going to leave Holby to make a fresh start. Claire is horrified and later tells Bex she will leave so that Bex can stay. Bex says she needs to leave because she cannot bare to see Luke and Claire together. Claire says that Luke wants nothing to do with her but Bex says that Luke still loves Claire. Claire speaks to Luke, the couple kiss and make up.

Two students, Martin and Helen, come in claiming to have been mugged. Guppy treats Martin – who has a gastric ulcer – and is a patient of his father’s. He needs to ask about Martin’s medication but tells Harry he has not spoken to Jas since they had the argument at work. Harry convinces him he needs to be able to have a working relationship with Jas. Guppy asks about the pills but Jas is angry at his son for not contacting him sooner and belittles him for not having heard of the drugs.

The team later discover, Helen and Martin had paid the tramps to fight and Max to bite off his fingernails so they could film it. Abs warns them they are now accessory to murder.


* Andy & Laura McFadden – children with carbon monoxide poisening.

* Max White – injured hand.

* Melissa Develi – drugs mule with inoperable cancer.

* Terry Naysmith – hand injury.

* Jimmy Ferren – dies from intercranial bleed.

* Helen Gibbons – facial injuries.

* Martin – gastric ulcer.

First Scene/words

[Luke and Comfort arrive by ambulance to a scene, where a hysterical mother is trying to save her children who are lying on the ground outside a tent]

Last Scene/words

[Selena is taken upstairs]

Tess: Next of kin have been informed.

Harry: Right, Tess. I’m coming with you.

Tess: Harry! There’s nothing more you can do.

[The door closes in front of him. He rips off his rubber gloves, watches some blood he has got onto his arm, before just standing there in the middle of the corridor]

Notable Facts

* Gary Mavers plays Will Manning.

* Peter Amory plays DS Straker.

* Jack Smethurst plays Stan Powell.

* Thomas Hudson plays Jamie Coldwell.

* Madhav Sharma plays Jas Sandhu.

* When talking to Claire, Bex says ‘Nothing will make it right, you’re just trying to ease your own conscience.’

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