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Cas Series

S21 E30

S21 E30 (17 Mar 07) : A World Elsewhere by Sasha Hails

Episode Summary

Greg does everything he can to try and win Cyd back but she’s unimpressed. Later, when Greg makes Cyd jump and she breaks a mirror, Dixie reassures her that it doesn’t always mean back luck.

Meanwhile, in a busy shopping centre, a grandmother is horrified when her grandson climbs onto a ride and falls over a balcony. Fortunately, he’s caught by a psychic, named Zapphia, but as the grandmother rushes to his aid, she gets injured on an escalator.

A young mother, Kira, is on her way to see her estranged parents when she is attacked on a motorway bridge by her ex. A struggle ensues which results in Kira falling from the bridge into an oncoming car. Meanwhile her ex, Liam, takes off with their toddler, Siobhael. At hospital, Kira, dies from her injuries but Cyd feels her spirit is trying to tell her something and speaks to Zapphia who suggests that she had a child. Kira’s parents, Jim and Nora, who viewers think are both unaware that she had a child come to the hospital and Cyd speaks to them about her premonition. Jim is angered however an emotional Nora clings on to Cyd’s words.

The teenage driver, Ravi, of the car that hit Kira is brought in with his girlfriend. His brother shows up angry that he had taken his car.

At the hospital, Zapphia gives Jeff a tip for an upcoming horse race and he decides to put a bet on it. Convinced the horse is going to win, he organises a party for all the staff but later cancels when he loses.

Nadia is showing off two tickets to a Kylie concert and Kelsey desperately wants to go. Nadia decides to invite Abs however when he says he’s working, she sets out to change his shift. After successfully managing to persuade Tess to change the rota, she is disappointed when Abs still turns her down, giving the ticket to Kelsey instead. When Kelsey decides she wants to go to Jeff’s party instead, she dresses up a tramp in a cubicle and gives him the ticket.


* Kira McConvey – dies after falling from motorway bridge.

* Ravi Akram – driver of car, minor injuries.

* Madge Sanderson – head injuries, epileptic.

* Zapphia Feeney – minor injuries.

* Mr Barker – tramp with cut face.

Notable Facts

* Nicola Duffett plays Zapphia Feeney.

* Cyd reveals that she got pregnant at 16 but had an abortion.

* ‘Who does she think she is – royalty?’ Kelsey says of Nadia.

* Dixie tries to comfort Cyd after she breaks a mirror, ‘Life is what you make it’.

* ‘I’ve got a date with Princess Nadia thanks to you’ Kelsey says to Abs.

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