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S21 E43 (23 Jun 07) : It Never Rains.. by Chris Boiling & Jason Sutton

Episode Summary

Guppy arrives at work exhausted, but Stitch is only too happy to let him take every patient going. Guppy treats elderly patient George for a suspected panic attack and soon gives him the all-clear whilst Kelsey tries to matchmake George with his concerned neighbour.

Guppy then attends a shout where groom-to-be, Dave, has fallen down a manhole and is trapped down a sewer. When Guppy realises that Dave must be freed before he drowns, he’s forced to take drastic action and decides to amputate his leg.

Later, after George is rushed back in with complications and is diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism, Guppy goes to see Stitch convinced he’s getting the sack. But Stitch reassures Guppy he’s a good doctor – he just needs to pull himself together. Guppy asks Stitch how he copes with the job; Stitch tells him he uses cocaine to get by. Guppy is tempted but Stitch angrily tells Guppy he shouldn’t go near it.

Meanwhile, following a fight at a club, two bouncers, Barry and Tom, come into the department. Charlie treats Barry and discovers he is also a self-harmer. When Tom finds out, he mocks Barry however Charlie does his best to calm Barry down and advise him to seek the help he needs.

Cyd and Greg argue again and she decides to call time on their relationship.


* Barry Rayfield – nose bleed, cuts. Also diagnosed a self-harmer.

* Tom Faulkner – minor glass cuts.

* Dave Adams – amputated leg.

* George Wallace – pulmonary embolism

Notable Facts

* Tamer Hassan plays Barry Rayfield.

* Jodi Albert plays Sophie Sutton.

* Roy Hudd plays George Wallace.

* Scott Mills plays TV reporter, Paul Lang.

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