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Cas Series

S21 E46

S21 E46 (21 Jul 07) : Walking the Line by Linda Thompson & Jason Sutton

Episode Summary

Harry is planning a visit of the department soon in his role as an MP, Selena tells Maggie she’s not bothered about seeing him, but her face tells different.

A young couple, Lisa and Corin, who have a young baby are on a methadone program. They ask Corin’s father, Tony, to look after the baby, whilst they go to the fair. Whilst there, Lisa attempts to get drugs from a dealer but her attempts are thwarted and Corin hits him. On their way back home, an agitated Lisa tries to get out of the car. She falls out on the road whilst Corin crashes the car. Corin is devestated when the team are unable to save Lisa whilst Tony advises him that he should give up his baby for adoption, however Corin decides against this.

An exhausted Guppy is making mistakes on his shift and, feeling helpless, seeks solace in drugs he has pocketed from the drug dealer patient. However he doesn’t realise he has take heroine and Stitch finds him collapsesd. Stitch saves him whilst Nathan witnesses the incident but both decide to keep the matter quiet. Later outside the dealer gives Guppy his number.

Also at the fair, female couple, Annie and Maura are enjoying a day out with their foster son, Ryan. Annie is on the ghost train with him when he decides to get out mid-ride. She goes after him but one of the carts runs over her trapped foot. Maura is finding it difficult getting to grips with motherhood but when Ryan climbs up on hospital scaffolding, the pair become closer.

Meanwhile, Greg and Dixie bicker with each other during their shift but, when they are late, Josh threatens to report Dixie. However after Dixie tells Greg the reason why she and Cyd have fallen out, Greg decides to back her up with Josh.


* Corin Mulhearn – minor injuries.

* Lisa Arnold – dies after falling from car.

* Drug dealer – leg injury.

* Ryan Hinckley – head injury.

* Annie Munro – serious foot injury.

Notable Facts

* ‘Selena – there’s a feral kid in here!’ Stitch says on patient Ryan.

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Screencaps : S21 E46

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