S23 E14

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S23 E14 (6 Dec 08) : Happiness by Daisy Coulam

Episode Summary

A frantic Jessica arrives at work and, after collapsing, finally admits to Tess that she is pregnant. She confesses to Tess she is unhappy with Sean, and soon discovers that her pregnancy is further along than she thought. With this knowledge, and with Amelia worried her parents are going to divorce, she decides to stay in her marriage.

Ruth, meanwhile, worries that Toby isn’t coping after his night with Ben. After a confrontation with Ben, she reports him to Jordan for taking advantage of Toby. She is, however, unwilling to address the similarities between Ben and Toby’s situation and her own with Jordan.

Elsewhere, Adam and Alex meet and Adam confides in his brother about his relationship with Jessica.

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