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Cas Series

S23 E23

S23 E23 (31 Jan 09) : Midday Sun by Karen Laws

Episode Summary

Jordan is faced with an impossible situation when Alex, Adam’s brother, is rushed into the Emergency Department, having taken an overdose. Should Jordan honour the Advanced Directive that he signed and not resuscitate, or should he follow his medical instinct and try to save a life?

Jordan grapples with his own demons as he tries to make a decision. When Adam discovers what has happened, his world comes crashing down and, desperately upset, he demands that Alex receives treatment. Jordan and Adam nearly come to blows in Resus and Adam is left trying to save Alex on his own, as his colleagues look on.

Meanwhile, a father takes his son mountain biking but his competitive nature means he pushes himself too far and falls down a ravine, badly injuring himself. His son runs to find help and discovers Curtis and Alice having a picnic. Curtis battles alone to save the father’s life, while Alice goes to find help. Curtis realises how much he loves Alice and resolves to tell her as soon as he can.

Later, Zoe tries to connect with Sharice. Her fostering has been approved but she is concerned that it’s not what Sharice wants.

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