S23 E33

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S23 E33 (11 Apr 09) : Someone to Watch Over Me by Sasha Hails

Episode Summary

Jordan is shattered to discover that his symptoms are caused by a large brain tumour. Meanwhile, Adam confronts Jordan, having discovered evidence of his recent mistakes. Jordan goes on the offensive against Adam, determined to keep hold of his job – whatever the cost.

Zoe’s juggling of her professional and private life comes unstuck when abuse is discovered at the home of Sharice’s childminder. The childminder immediately falls under suspicion but Zoe helps find out the truth. She also has to deal with pressing childcare issues but pushes Sharice’s grandparents further away.

Jay and Ruth go to a surgeons’ dinner together. Jay is performing a service for Ruth, in return for payment. He successfully acts out the role, but breaks the rules when he asks for a goodnight kiss.

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