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Cas Series

S24 E03

S24 E3 (19 Sep 09) : And Then There Were Three by Mark Catley

Episode Summary

It’s the first shift after the horrifying events at the shopping centre for the F2s, the group of juniors who have started work at the hospital. All three are nervous and their confidence sinks further when Adam palms them off onto Zoe for the day – he’s got too much to deal with in the wake of Heather’s accident.

Zoe, equally stressed over her “mother’s” illness, divides the trio – Yuki is sent on a shout with Jeff and Polly and Lenny and May are assigned mentors for the day: Lenny with Zoe and May with Ruth. All three struggle in their own way and are banned from treating patients for the rest of the shift.

Later, in a counselling session with Ben, the trio struggle to open up. Eventually, each in turn reveals that recent events have shaken them. Ben identifies that each of them is missing a part of themselves and the three resolve to work on their flaws and soon realise they can help each other by working as a team.

As the new team celebrates in the pub later that evening, Zoe slips out to make a call on her mobile…

Notable Facts

* Matthew Needham makes a brief guest return near the end of the episode.

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Screencaps : S24 E3

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