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Cas Series

S24 E39

S24 E39 (5 Jun 10) : In Your Debt by Jason Sutton

Episode Summary

Zoe makes a life-changing decision while Lenny and Yuki turn detective when another mysterious case of the cryptococcsis virus arrives in the Emergency Department.

Indecisive Zoe is putting off starting her fertility treatment. When Jordan catches her sneaking a cigarette outside the ED, he gives her a telling off. She’s furious but also terrified that he will discover the truth. Deep down, she knows that she loves him, but is it really the right thing to do?

Shona hits rock bottom, living in a squat with junkies and facing a bleak future as a teenage mum. Turning again to Charlie, she tells him she wants a termination of her pregnancy. Charlie says it’s too late and adoption is the only answer.

Later, Shona is rushed into the ED having fallen down the stairs. Now Charlie can take drastic action to make her see that she does care about the baby. But Lenny’s diagnosis sends her up to intensive care, with the outcome looking bleak for both mother and child.

Lenny and Yuki discover another case of the cryptococcsis virus but they are still unable to trace its source. Still not fully recovered from May’s betrayal and dealt another blow when he diagnoses a young and vivacious woman with multiple sclerosis, Yuki’s fragile confidence is at a low.Elsewhere, Ruth’s big presentation goes horribly wrong. But when conference organiser and big name doctor Edward takes an interest in her anyway, she’s incredibly flattered and a little bit smitten.

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