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Cas Series

26.21 The One You Love – 4/2/12

S26 E21 (4 Feb 12) :The One You Love by Marston Bloom

Episode Summary

Linda struggles to be accepted by her sister’s kids and a patient nurses a grudge against Sam in Casualty.

After taking on her sister’s two children, Linda tries to incorporate their care into her busy life. After a frantic day at the ED she discovers that care doesn’t end at the school gates, but finds support from an unlikely source.

Seemingly sweet old lady Doris (Jean Boht) has Alzheimer’s which is causing her to act in unpredictable ways. But when she ends up in the ED after seemingly being attacked by a thug, it’s left to Lloyd to piece together the jigsaw of events.

Meanwhile Keith (Marshall Lancaster), a relative from a previous episode, returns to the ED complaining of neck pain after a traffic accident. When Zoe does a scan it looks like his injury could have been incurred at an earlier date. Was it when he was forcibly restrained by Sam after he threatened Dylan in the ED?

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