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HC Past Series

S4 E18

S4 E18 (5 Feb 02) : All my Sins  by Joe Fraser

Episode Summary

Sam and Chrissie are talking in the locker room, and Chrissie is pressurising Sam to tell Alex, just as Alex turns up to take Sam out. Over lunch, Alex tells Sam how much she means to him, while Sam says nothing.

Danny tells Kath that he can’t stand to be in the same room as Simon now that he knows what his father does to her. Simon apologises to Kath and shows him a booklet for Domestic Violence counselling that he’s going to.

Mubbs and Lisa argue over a patient, and it’s obvious that things aren’t great with them. Mubbs later tells Ben that he has two tickets to go to the theatre on Valentine’s Day, and Ben (assuming that they’re for Lisa) happily tells her. When Lisa finds out that they’re infact for his mother, she dumps a cup of soup in his lap and declares that “This is us splitting up”.

Sandy invites Ben out for a drink, and Lisa, Danny and Liam leave them alone while Sandy makes her move. Lisa laughs to the boys and says that Ben would rather snog Danny – he’s gay! The gang watch as Sandy makes a fool out of herself, and Ben apologetically informs her of his sexuality. Sandy storms off, obviously upset.

Chrissie tells Sam that if Sam doesnt tell Alex, then she will. Sam informs Chrissie that she will tell him, and sets off to do so. Just as she’s about to tell him, Alex tells her that he loves her. He says he feels very strongly for her and had to tell her. They kiss and Sam tells him that she loves him too, and she can’t bring herself to tell him.


Alice (Tanya Morgan) and Graham Morgan (Ewen Cummings) who have planned the perfect family. Their baby, Marcus, turns out to have down’s syndrome and the couple are shaken. They decide to look after him as normal, and inform his sister Flora (Charlotte Victory) that he’s a little bit different.

Jennifer Goddard (Stephanie Willmore), who is brought in after pushing herself down stairs in a suicide attempt. She later admits to Father Michael that her father (David Roper) had sex with her after her mother died, and then tries to kill herself again in the hospital church. Her sister Zoe (Emma Gill), who originally accused her of lying stands by her and the girls tell their father that they want nothing to do with him anymore.

Mike Newton (John Junkin) and Wally Sands (Malcom Tierney) who turn out to be old school enemies. Wally constantly teases Mike until Mike has enough and pushes the school bully onto the bed where he suffers a heart attack. When the doctors notice, Mike confesses to Sam that he killed him but Sam reassures him that he had a blood clot in his lung and would have died anyway.


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