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HC Past Series

S4 E42

S4 E42 (23 Jul 02) : Design for Living by Marc Peirson

Episode Summary

Despite being heavily pregnant, Janice is still working and she starts the day by receiving Jason Harris from A&E. Jason is a young boy in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant and has to endure yet another blood transfusion. His dad is constantly making jokes but Janice is preoccupied with Jason’s mum, who is also pregnant and appears to be very breathless. After a consultation with both Owen and Alistair, it is discovered that a chord in her heart has split. Surgery is required immediately but a caesarean needs to be carried out first. Mr Harris is highly opposed to this and it emerges that the unborn baby is a blood match for Jason so stem cells from the umbilical chord could be used to treat him. However, Mrs Harris is only 28 weeks pregnant; the stem cells are not developed enough yet for this procedure to take place. Mrs Harris decides to follow the advice of the doctors and Owen carries out a caesarean. Unfortunately, there are complications and Owen reluctantly performs a hysterectomy to save Mrs Harris. He passes over to Alistair, Sam and Alex who operate on her heart, before telling Mr Harris that his baby daughter is dead. The situation does seem to bring Janice and Alistair closer together, with Janice even agreeing to meet Alistair for a drink after work so that they can at least be civil for the sake of their own baby.

Another patient on the maternity ward is Skye Stillman. Having suffered a miscarriage before she brings herself into Holby believing that the same thing has happened for a second time. After being sick over Owen, she is diagnosed with being dehydrated and a scan shows that she is actually expecting triplets. Her husband looks more worried than excited. He reveals to Mubbs that he was fired for stealing money and, consequently, is having difficulties finding work now. Mubbs convinces him to confess to Skye ASAP so that they can consider selective termination if they cannot afford to bring up three children.

Lisa, meanwhile, has to move into the nursing quarters because the lease on her house has expired. She considers Mubb’s offer to move into his spare bedroom although she really doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Luckily, Sandy has been nagging Danny about paying his share of the bills at their house so Danny invites Lisa to move in with them. Sandy is not impressed as she was hoping for a ‘male professional’ to fill Liam’s old room.

Chrissie stumbles upon Katie, who is spending the day at Holby because of a teacher-training day at school, and tells her that if she loves her dad, she shouldn’t say anything to her mum about seeing him in bed with Chrissie. Katie doesn’t appear to be intimidated by Chrissie, more the other way round in fact. When Laura arrives to collect Katie, she is quick to point out Chrissie and refer to her as ‘daddy’s friend’. Laura becomes angry and Owen tells Katie she’s mistaken. Katie continues to tell her mum that she saw Chrissie in bed with her dad, wearing her mum’s dressing gown. Laura realises that Owen has been having an affair with Chrissie again, and proceeds to slap him round the face and brand Chrissie ‘a tart’. An already embarrassed Chrissie is further humiliated by the fact that Alistair, Sam and Alex are on the ward with a group of student doctors, as well as Janice, Sandy and Danny being in earshot of the whole confrontation. Laura drags Katie away and tells Owen he no longer has a home with them.

Janice is furious with Owen and after giving him a hard time, Owen takes his anger out on Mubbs and the Stillman’s before trashing his office in rage.


* Peter Brand – Suffering from chest problems on Darwin Ward.

* Jason Harris – Young boy who needs blood transfusion due to his need for a bone marrow transplant.

* Leslie Harris – Pregnant woman who doesn’t know she has a broken heart chord until taking her son to hospital.

* Skye Stillman – Suffering from dehydration whilst being pregnant with triplets.

First Scene/ words

(Lift doors open. A grinning Sam and Alex walk out.)

Alex : Look Sam, I think we should keep ‘us’ to ourselves for a bit, you know?

Sam :You weren’t saying that last night (!)

Alex : Well, I was distracted

Sam : I noticed

Alex : But seriously, I do think we should be, hands off at work

Sam : Yeah, I know

Alex : Also, Ric will be back in a week so let’s just keep it discreet ‘til things settle down a bit

Sam : OK

(They walk over to a male patient who is unhappy to be surrounded by a group of student doctors that Alistair is showing around and teaching.)

Last Scene/ words

(Chrissie is in Owen’s office after the confrontation with Laura.)

Chrissie : Maybe we should call this a day

Owen : What’s it matter? It’s out in the open now

Chrissie : Yeah, but look at all the hurt it’s causing. I’m not sure it’s worth it, are you?

Owen : It’s a bit late in the day for that now isn’t it?

Chrissie : It’s late. I’ve got to finish my shift and you’ve got a lot of work to do. Let’s talk about it tomorrow

(Chrissie walks out of the office and Owen pushes the contents of his desk onto the floor in a temper.)


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