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HC Past Series

S4 E21

S4 E21 (26 Feb 02) : Choose Life by Marc Peirson

Episode Summary

Alex is back to work for the first time since the trial. He is intent on criticising everything Sam does and tensions run high between them. Sam gives false hope to a pregnant patient and is reprimanded for it by Alex. Sam doesn’t want the hostile atmosphere since they need to work together but Alex warns her that they might not be working together for long.

Ben is expecting his parents over for dinner and he is stressing over telling his parents that he is gay. Ben suggests that Sandy comes to dinner to make it easier to break the news to his parents. Sandy is treating a patient who has lung cancer and doesn’t have long to live.

Meyer catches Sam and Alex arguing and lectures them on acting professional. Alex later has a word to Meyer about getting rid of Sam but Meyer doesn’t seem to have a problem with Sam’s work and refuses. He tells Alex to separate his private and professional live. Sam walks in as they finish their conversation and realize what they are talking about.

Sandy is shocked when Ben introduces her to his parents. His father is the patient with lung cancer. Sandy wants to leave but his parents think it is best if she stays when they break the news to Ben.

After a difficult and emotional day, Alex catches up with Sam by the locker. He apologises for his behaviour and wants to start again. Sam gets excited and suggests they grab a bite to eat but Alex firmly tells her he only wants a professional relationship. This upsets Sam and she yells at him for trying to kick her of the firm.

Meanwhile, Ben’s father breaks the news that he is dying. Ben is devastated and starts crying. Ben goes to the kitchen and his mother follows him to comfort him. He tells her that there is something he needs to tell her but his mother already knows what he is about to say and has known for a while that he is gay. She makes him promise not to tell his father. They share an emotional hug.


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