S4 E23

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S4 E23 (12 Mar 02) : Fathers and Sons by Nick Warburton

Episode Summary

Tash’s girlfriend Mel Richards drops into Holby City for a coffee, but Tash receives a needle-stick injury from a syringe in Mel’s bag, which Tash has to confront her about, and putting Tash in a dire situation regarding her career and life, which she doesn’t handle as well as she should.

Simon fails another job interview, and increasingly resents Kath spending so much time out of the house. This leads to an argument, during which he assaults her even worse than previously. Via A&E, she ends up a patient on her own ward, needing an emergency operation on her spleen. Danny goes home to collect some clothes, and confronts his father about it again.

In the maternity ward, Mubbs chats up Owen’s new PA, Jess, and gets her to call the press about the birth of twins to a 53-year old woman following IVF, against Owen’s wishes.

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