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HC Past Series

S4 E41

S4 E41 (16 Jul 02) : From this Moment On by Gaby Chiappe

Episode Summary

It’s the day after Sam and Ric’s so-called wedding. Everyone is arriving late to work due to an RTA close to the hospital but still find time to gossip about Ric jilting Sam at the alter. Speculation from Diane, and the fact that Ric has taken time off of work on the spur of the moment, leads everyone to believe that the happy couple are spending time alone to patch things up. Unknown to them the bride-to-be, Dr Sam Kennedy, has spent the night with ex-lover Dr Alex Adams, who sneaks out of her flat early before turning up at work.

Adding to the chaos at Holby is the fact that Alistair Taylor has returned to fill in for Mr Meyer. Kath is awkwardly stuck in a lift with him and Chrissie (with whom he had an affair with before leaving Holby) and the tension between them is apparent, even though Chrissie tries to play it cool. Later, Alistair warns Chrissie not to act so hostile towards people otherwise she may not further her career; She doesn’t seem bothered by his threat. Alistair later attempts to talk to his wife, the heavily pregnant Dr Janice Taylor, but she refuses his proposal to be civil towards one another after he announces that he is filing for a divorce.

Nurse Keri is full of joy on Otter Ward after receiving tickets to Amsterdam from new boyfriend Mubbs. Even the patient she is caring for, a teenage girl who needs a kidney transplant, comments on how well Keri is looking. However, her joy is short lived after she walks in on Mubbs kissing her mum! Keri vows never to speak to her mother again.

One of the RTA victims is taken to the Keller Ward and when she wakes she is desperate to find out what has happened to her daughter who was travelling with her in the car. Kath has the painful task of informing the woman that her eleven-year old daughter, Natalie, is being kept alive by machines and that she will never recover. When Kath asks the woman where she can contact her family, she is shocked to learn that they are already in the hospital; her other daughter, Leila, is the girl suffering with renal disease on Otter Ward. The mother and her husband now have the painful task of deciding whether or not to allow Natalie’s organs to be donated, even though Janice tells them that Leila won’t be the one to benefit from this.

Alistair Taylor, Alex Adams and the rest of their surgical team have to operate on a young Asian lady who has collapsed with suspected heart problems. Dr Kennedy unexpectedly turns up and insists that she is ready to return to work, despite being jilted at the alter the previous day. They discover that the patient, Caitlin Cooper, has problems with her aorta and even though they save her life, she could die from the problem at any time in the future.

Sam suspects that Alex is having second thoughts about re-starting their relationship after he left her so suddenly, and Alex too believes that Sam still loves Ric after he overhears a conversation between Sam and Diane. After a few emotional words from Caitlin about how precious time is with the people you love, Sam decides to find Alex and sort out once and for all where they stand with each other.


* Caitlin Cooper – Suffering from heart problems due to a problem with her aorta.

* Leila Woods – Suffering from a renal infection because of her need for a new kidney.

* Natalie Woods – Killed in RTA on her way to school.

* Mrs Woods – Suffers injuries to her stomach after being involved in an RTA.

First Scene/ words

Dr Sam Kennedy is asleep in her bed and Dr Alex Adams walks round the side of the bed and kisses her on the forehead before leaving.

A moment later Sam wakes up and looks around the room before shouting, “ALEX?”

Last Scene/ words

(Caitlin talks to Sam about how horrible it would be to die and not see her baby daughter grow up)

Caitlin: But then again I suppose that’s what #### is; spending the rest of your life without the person you love the most.

Sam rushes outside to find Alex but Kath and Chrissie inform her that she has just missed him. She sees him in the lift but the doors close just as she runs over to it so she runs down the stairs to reach the ground floor before him.

Both admit that they thought the other had second thoughts about starting a relationship and when they realise that they had their wires crossed they declare their love for each other before passionately kissing in the hospital foyer.


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