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HC Past Series

S5 E35

s5e35S5 E35 (3 Jun 03) : Mum’s the Word by Al Hunter Ashton

Episode Summary

Tom is explaining to student doctors about their vital surgery operation. He explains Tom will also be watching instead of working in general surgery for the day. He adds that Alex and Ed will also be assisting. Alex goes into the toilets and is sick as an effect of his drugs. Tom explains to his patient what will be happening. As the boys aunt – she later turns out to be his mother, turns up to help as a donor in the operation. Tom explains when they will be operating. He explains to everyone when they will be working and what they will be doing. Tom is going to a committee. Alex says he can’t. Declining the chance to go. He passes his invitation to Diane. Chrissie turns up for work much to Ed’s and Sandy’s dismay. Ed tells her he was at the birth in theatre. Ed asks Sandy to keep an eye on Chrissie. Chrissie gets her things for the funeral from Tricia. Tricia had taken over the funeral arrangements for Amanda’s funeral. She lets slip to Sandy about the funeral and that she doesn’t think it a good idea for Chrissie to be back so soon. Tricia see’s Owen – asking him to arrange something with the funeral director. Owen has been put down as Amanda’s father. Owen talks to Rosie about how he wanted to take Chrissie and Amanda home with him. He tells Mubbs he wanted to go to the funeral then says he can’t. Chrissie shouts at Tricia telling her she wants to go to the funeral alone. Tricia goes to see Owen and persuades him to go to the funeral. Chrissie walks out of the church with a man holding the small coffin in front of her for the burial. Owen and Tricia turn up. Chrissie ends her prayer as Tricia stands by her side. Chrissie throws a pink rose on top of Amanda’s pink coffin. She looks at Tricia and hands her a rose. Tricia throws it next to Chrissie’s. Chrissie see’s Owens car as they leave but she goes back to where the baby’s been buried. Tricia goes there and confronts her. Owen goes back to work after the funeral and spending time by Amanda’s grave.

Lisa tries to help a patient on AAU who is pregnant and not sure if she wants her baby. Her mother finds out and Lisa has to admit what’s happening. Lisa and Jess warn Rosie of Mubbs who joke about the fact they fell for him. Lisa tells Rosie about her mother. Lisa is asked what she would do and she would have kept the baby even though her mother forced her into an abortion.

Diane ends up operating in theatre after the planned heart surgery. She is invited by Tom as his guest, to say thank you, at the board meeting meal that evening. Diane tells Alex who grins. Diane and Tom head off for the day. Alex lies about being needed. Sandy blames herself for not spotting things with a patient.


Screencaps : S5 E35

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