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HC Past Series

S6 E24

s6e24S6 E24 (16 Mar 04) : Baptism of Fire by Debbie O’Malley

Episode Summary

Two new nurses start on the Holby wards this week. Donna is on Keller, but does not make a good impression with Kath as she is disorganised and cheeky. She is late for work, wearing high heels and a nose stud, she keeps making comments about the patients and their relationships and takes small breaks all the time. Diane is also shocked to learn that Donna has spent the night with Peter, making Diane unsure about their relationship. She, however, feels much better about it when Peter invites her for a weekend in Cornwall. Later, after talking to Donna and Peter admitting that he had a one night stand with her, she decides that she is better off without him and laughs at Peter claiming they have an adult relationship. Diane finishes with Peter and decides to take up Ric’s offer to go on an advanced trauma training course, surprising Ric who thought she was too busy with Peter.

Mickie, the other new recruit, is on the maternity ward and appears efficient. However, she is disconcerted by Mubbs’s attempts at humour, and her leaden response soon dampens his efforts. She also questions Mubbs’s judgement about a pregnant woman, Keesha Richards, who wants to have a natural delivery even though the baby is breech. Mubbs suggests a caesarian, but Keesha, having listened to Mickie saying that it is possible to avoid, does not want to have one. Keesha is also worried about the baby’s father, who is on Darwin after having breathing difficulties because of a little fire in Keesha’s flat. They both want to meet each other so that they can sort things out between each other before the baby is born, but when Mickie takes Keesha up to the wards he is not there, but at radiology. Mickie gets lost on the way to radiology and Keesha falls down the stairs, making her go into labour. Mickie tries to stop Keesha from giving birth, because that would suffocate the baby and luckily Donna soon notices them in the stairs and they get help. Keesha is taken into theatre for a caesarian and the baby girl proves to be alright. Mickie is feeling bad about it and Mubbs is not pleased, but when she complains about it Rosie says that she did very well and saved the baby. Later, Mickie is shocked to find out that Mubbs and Rosie are a couple, because she has been complaining to Rosie about Mubbs all day! At the end of the day, Owen takes Donna and Mickie out for a drink, but they don’t give the best first impression. Mickie gets horrendously drunk and is sick when Owen takes her home in a cab, while Donna invites herself to move in with Jess and Lisa.

Meanwhile, Jess gets on surprisingly well with Robert, who is now doing better even though he fits because of the drugs and the hypothermia he had and later he needs to go back into theatre because of an internal bleed. When she ignores strict procedures and goes to the mortuary to find out some information for him, Ric and Lisa become concerned that she has more than a professional interest in him. At the mortuary Jess also finds out that Robert’s girlfriend was not pregnant and even though she should not, she tells Robert about it. He does not understand why Liz was lying and Jess admits that she has had an obortion too, saying that she had to find out the hard way that the man did not want the baby and was not what she thought. Robert says that makes two of them and he asks her out for a date whenever he gets out of hospital.

Kath finds Larry’s spontaneity too presumptuous when he comes to the hospital to ask if she wants to go on a holiday with him in the evening, but she turns him down because of work and explains that she does not like being put on the spot. Larry he is determined and succeeds in winning her round to meeting him, after admitting that asking her to immediately fly away with him probably was a bit too much asked, but that he only wanted to show that he can be spontaneous and romantic.

Howard Martin needs an urgent bypass of a cloth in the artery in his thigh. His girlfriend Suzie and son Scott, however, seem to cause him more problems than the blood cloth, even though the anastomosis starts leaking after the operation and they have to take him back into surgery and do it all over again. Scott is not sure that Suzie is the right woman for his father, especially not since he thinks he knows what she is like, after having had a one night stand with her too – something he says half their company has had. They argue, but eventually they calm down and Howard and Suzie agree to have a quiet wedding, instead of flying to Jamaica to get married, like they had planned before Suzie had found out that the gardening business is not going as well as Howard had pretended.


Keesha Richards, is due the next week, but needs a caesarian because the baby is in breech

Nathan Walters, the father of Keesha’s baby has too high carbon monoxide levels after a fire

Robert Pullman, gets another internal bleed

Howard Martin needs an urgent bypass a cloth in the artery in his thigh

First Scene/words

[Mickie and Rosie are bringing a new patient, Keesha Richards, to maternity]

Keesha Richards: I can’t believe you. You shouldn’t even have been smoking in my flat.

Other: I know, I know. I’m sorry. I forgot.

Rosie: Do you want me to set up the ultra sound for you?

Mickie: I know, I’m fine, I work, I’ve done it. Oh and I opened a new box of gloves, I like to keep a spare pair.

Last Scene/words

[Jess, Lisa and Donna are walking home]

Donna: Are you really gonna go out with a patient?

Jess: Oh my god, you sound like my dad!

Donna: So introduce us. Not my patient, is it?

Jess: Well he won’t be mine forever.

Lisa: Oh no, not him again.

Donna: Well, I think you should go for it. At the end of the day, what have you got to lose?

Screencaps : S6 E24

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