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HC Past Series

S6 E31

Episode Summary

Will Curtis arrives as a new registrar and his confidence verges on arrogance. Diane is excited to see him again and praises him to Chrissie, but is put out when he does very little to acknowledge her. Ed is not too impressed either and sees Will as a competitor and seems to make sure that he disagrees with Will about everything.

Will soon gets a chance to get used to what the hospital is like, when Ed’s father George is brought in. The diseased heart given to George causes a reaction that requires further surgery. During the operation, Zubin’s suspicions are aroused by George’s unusually high drug level and he gets even more suspicious about how George might have got the infection. Quietly, he has a word with Ric, who finds it hard to believe that Tom and Ed might have given George an infected heart and have changed the records to hide it, but he finally agrees that Tom has been behaving strangely on the case and that they should have some tests taken. Ed is starting to get doubts if they did the right thing and does not feel like he can go on, but Tom makes sure he does, obviously worried that Ed will not cope with the situation and land them both in trouble. When George gets an overdose from a drug that Ed has been giving him secretly, Tom suggests that Ed alter his father’s records to deflect this attention. After the records have been changed, Zubin comes to talk to them, obviously suspicious and Ed seems to be about to admit what they have done, when Will notices the note in the records and takes the blame for missing this information. Will, however, seems a bit suspicious and remembers how George, after being brought in, pretty much told him that he had been in prison for Ed.

Donna asks Ed out for a drink at the end of the shift, but Ed cools things with her as he is too preoccupied with the condition of his father.

Chrissie gets worried about the mental health of one of the patients, a 18-year-old Russell Coulter who is diagnosed with a serious heart problem. He behaves strangely and tries to escape when he hears that he needs surgery. Things are complicated by the fact that his mother, who is 36 weeks pregnant, goes into labour and needs to be taken down to the maternity ward. She is taken into theatre for a caesarian, even though Mubbs and Owen find it hard to agree about what treatment she needs and Mubbs almost promises her that she could go through a natural delivery. Afterwards, they both agree that they made mistakes and they finally reconcile their differences and Owen later apologises for not having been the easiest person to work with. After working together on the case, Diane talks to Owen, seeming slightly worried about him and his recent behaviour. She ends up asking Owen out for a drink and he accepts.

Russell seems to feel neglected, because his mother is in maternity and not with him when he wakes up. After surgery he also seems certain that someone has stolen his heart, instead of making him better and like a little child he seems to be feeling jealous of his new baby brother and thinks that everyone is against her. They try to talk to the mother about Russell, but she insists that he is alright and has just always been like that, until Russell goes missing and she finally admits that something might be wrong.


Russell Coulter, a 18-year-old with aortic stenosis and mental problems

Avril Coulter, his mother, gives birth

George Keating, heart problems

First Scene/words

Tom: I see you’re down as William Curtis, but your qualifications have a name William Curtis-Harding? They’re trying to get me to dump the double barrel too and just use Campell. But I find the name of Gore has a marvellously sobering effect on troublesome patients and colleagues.

Last Scene/words

Tom: We all make mistakes. The important thing is knowing there’s someone to cover our backs, don’t you say? Eh?

Will: I don’t have a problem with team playing. Just as long as everyone knows the rules.

Tom: Well. Welcome to Holby, Mr Curtis. You’re gonna fit in here just dandy.

Notable Facts

Josie Lawrence guest stars as pregnant Avril Coulter whose son Russell, played by Shameless actor Gerard Kearns, is brought in with a severe heart condition. Chrissie is also worried about his mental state.

Screencaps : S6 E31

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