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HC Past Series

S8 E42

Episode Summary

Connie tells [ID 1570]Elliot[/ID] that her husband, Michael, has been offered a job in Stockholm and she is considering relocating there. Elliot does everything in his power to make her reconsider. But Connie is angered when manager Sutherland approves funding for a scanner as a bribe for her to stay.

A young boy, Felix, is brought in seriously ill following an RTA. Elliot tells his mother, who is also injured, that he is brain damaged and won’t recover.

Felix becomes a possible donor candidate, for patient Mia, a girl who was previously on the ward. She returns to hospital with her doting grandfather, Mike and also her father, who has just reappeared on the scene. Mike faces a difficult decision regarding her operation and eventually decides on the riskier but better option, which is a success. As Connie and Elliot work together, it is only then she shows signs of reluctance to leave Holby.

After a sleepless night, Tricia and [ID 1443]Mark[/ID] receive good news regarding Tricia’s treatment. Her oncologist suggests she can take a short break from her chemotherapy but Mark is shocked when Tricia agrees, as she want to make herself feel normal again.

Meanwhile, Kyla and Harvey have a successful session with the mediator but as they walk out, past issues end up causing arguments. Kyla loses her temper and tells Harvey she will see him in court.

A man, Roger, is brought in with breathing problems and an infected arm tattoo. Mark treats him and reveals he has a form of pneumonia, which indicates he may have HIV. When tests confirm he is HIV positive, Roger tells his girlfriend, Lena, who after tests learn she also has contracted the virus. Unable to cope, she leaves him.

Chrissie tells Dean and [ID 1535]Matt[/ID] that they have passed their exams but need to spend a day shadowing the nurses. Matt is sent on a prank mission, whilst they also treat elderly patient Mr Bickson, with a leg ulcer.


* Felix – brain damaged from RTA. His mother is also injured.

* Roger Mash – HIV, pneumonia and infected tattoo.

* Mia Fairbrother – heart transplant.

* Mr Bickson – ulcer.

Notable Facts

* Eric Richard plays Mike Fairbrother.

* ‘You think I should devote my career to Team Holby?’ Connie angrily tells Elliot, after learning he has told Sutherland.

* When Mark again suggests telling Chrissie, Tricia says ‘I don’t need another person constantly reminding me how ill I am’.

* The card on Connie’s flowers read, ‘To new beginnings. All my love, Michael.’

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