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Cas Character

Sam Colloby

Played by Jonathan Kerrigan


S11 E2 – S14 E5

Job Title

Project 2000 Nurse

First Words

(playing game with girl in reception) S,P,L,I,N,T,E,R, OK bandage, splint, plaster, crutches?


Attractive and athletic, Sam Colloby, is charming and witty. He is also gay, but totally relaxed and comfortable about being so. He grew up in a lively atmosphere, of his parent’s pub. However his Dad left when he was 11, so he was forced to grow up quickly, helping his Mum at the bar. His charm led to early sexual encounters, and he came out at 16 – his Aunt Eileen remains the only person in his family ignorant of his sexuality. Sam is extremely bright, but left school with few GCSE’s, planning to become a famous DJ. He found some notoriety on the club circuit as ‘Sonic Sound Sensation’, before being a volunteer in hospital radio. He had a twice weekly spot, known as ‘Colloby’s Holloby’. This gave him exposure to the traumas of hospital life, and made a deep impact on him. He decided to train as a nurse, and spent three years doing a Project 2000 course.

In S11 E2, he arrives for an interview at A&E, his friendly personality is shown immediately, while waiting in reception, he plays a game with a child, who’s waiting for her mother. Sam gets the job, and he shows to be very capable at it. In S11 E4 Sam wins £200 playing pool, but with it, he helps a family with a fare back to Glasgow. And in S11 E13, he manages to prove an investigating officer as a drug trafficker, with the aid of cameras. As well as his boyfriend Steve, he makes plenty of friends at Holby, in S11 E15 he joins them at the staff’s Christmas party – in the theme of James Bond. In S11 E23, disaster strikes when him and Charlie are called to reports of a nurse collapsed in a corridor – as they rush to the scene they find Jude, having been stabbed, in a pool of blood. Sam is totally shocked at his friend’s injuries, but the team battle to revive her back to life.

In S12, we are introduced to Sam’s unemployed boyfriend, Paul. Sam is irritated at having to support them both. But he received even more bad news in S12 E17, after a call out to a motorway accident – he finds out one of the rescued women is also dating his boyfriend. He is angry and out of all people, he confides in Eve, and the previous animosity between them vanishes. Breaking up with his boyfriend, Sam moves in with a first reluctant Sunny, but they become firm friends. In this series he also has to deal with a patient with a broken toe after kicking a wall, in anger at finding his brother is gay. When he realises Sam is also gay he demands to be treated by someone else. But in the end the two brothers reconcile, and Sam discovers it was his fear of abandonment that drove his prejudice. In S12 E18, him and Sunny also dismiss a patient as ‘mad’ when he believes he’s been in contact with aliens – until his eyes glow green in the dark! After his work mate Tina is raped, Sam notices bruises on her arms. She tells him she was mugged. But after they find out the truth, him and the rest of the team rush to support her. Tina also then moves in with Sam and Sunny. Sam attends Charlie’s wedding at the end of Series 12 and introduces Amy’s performance of ‘Everlasting Love’.

In S13 E1, Sam witnesses another shock, when Mark is involved in a car crash, he races to help at the scene. Sam and [ID 284]Adam[/ID] also develop a close friendship. In S13 E9, Adam falls and cuts his head. Sam treats him and Adam reveals he is HIV, at first telling him it was after a blood transfusion, he later confesses he’s gay and caught it from an old boyfriend. Sam advises him, through the trial of having to tell his parents. In S13 E10, Sam surprises everyone with his signing skills, while treating a young deaf girl. In S13 E13, another gay nurse Lee arrives to replace Chloe, who’s on leave. They have a fling, but he then finds out he has been stealing drugs from the department, and tells him to leave straight away. In S13 E17, Charlie confronts Sam about the incident, and is angry at him knowing before him. In S13 E28, Adam is being attacked on an upstairs floor by a man looking for his wife. Sam intervenes and is pushed away – and falls over the balcony. Adam looks helplessly as Sam is lying there with blood pouring from his head.

In S14 E1, the team battle to save him in CRASH, he survives. Unconscious on a ward, he has many visitors, including Eve. Sam doubts his profession, and in S14 E5, Tina and Sunny go to see him, and try to persuade him to come back to nursing. As they all travel back to Holby by coach, it collides with a car – a girl has a blocked airway and Sam manages to save her life with the aid of vodka, a biro and a knife. At A&E, he finalises his decision to leave, saying what just happened made him realise he wasn’t quitting because he was scared, but because he wanted to leave nursing behind and get on with other things.

Memorable Moments

Gallery : Sam Colloby

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