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Cas Character

Alicia Munroe

Played by Chelsea Halfpenny


S30 E4 ‘Cradle to the Grave’– S33 E20

Job Title

F1 / F2

First Words

(to Noel) Excuse me, I was told to ask for Mrs Beauchamp


Parents, Howard and Jackie Munroe.


Alicia is both clinically confident and great with her patients. She is caring and always does her best by them. She has endless energy – being a party girl – she work hard but plays harder.

Alicia is a daddy’s girl and is close to her family, however secrets threaten their jeopardise their close relationship. During her time at Holby, she’s had an on-off relationship with Ethan, which at first was threatened by her relationship with Cal. Things later faultered when she wrote a damning blog about the hospital whilst Ethan was in charge. Things took a turn for the worse for Alicia in Series 32, when she was raped by colleague, Eddie, despite them having consensual sex earlier in the evening.

Memorable Moments

  • S30 E4 – Alicia starts her first day in the ED and immediately puts Lily’s nose out of joint.
  • S30 E9 – A grieving Lily takes her emotions out on Alicia. Alicia steps in to save a patient that Lily has done an unnecessary procedure on.
  • S30 E10 – Charlie witnesses Lily sabotaging Alicia’s reputation with Connie
  • S30 E11 – Lily’s bullying of Alicia drives her to breaking point. She feels she has no alternative but to quit.
  • S30 E43 – Lily is forced to confront the past when Alicia arrives back as a Locum. They bury the hatchet while admitting they’ll never be friends.
  • S31 E1 – Alicia and Ethan become trapped when a helicopter crashes into the department.
  • S31 E2 – Family secrets spill out when Alicia’s parents arrive in the ED.
  • S31 E4 – Ethan and Alicia are thrown together on a shout to rescue a jogger.
  • S31 E6 – Alicia celebrates her birthday. Ethan has doubts about going to her party, whilst Cal gets with her instead.
  • S31 E7 – Following their one night stand, Cal’s ego is bruised when Alicia tells him she wasn’t that impressed.
  • S31 E9 – Ethan tries to pluck up the courage to ask Alicia out, but Cal is also interested.
  • S31 E10 – Alicia decides to give Cal a shot at a relationship.
  • S31 E13 – Alicia writes Ethan a touching biography for his online dating profile.
  • S31 E16 – Ethan’s loyalties are tested when he sees Cal’s uncommitment towards Alicia.
  • S31 E17 – Ethan and Alicia wake up together. He wants them to be together but Alicia needs to find a way to tell Cal.
  • S31 E21 – Alicia dumps Cal when she finds him kissing another woman, unaware it’s a ploy because he’s just found out she slept with Ethan.
  • S31 E29 – Alicia wakes up in Sam’s bed after a drunken night out.
  • S31 E31 – Alicia is upset when saucy photos with her face superimposed on them are sent out to her colleagues.
  • S31 E32 – During the strike, Cal confronts Alicia and Ethan about their affair.
  • S31 E33 – Ethan and Alicia are together in the pub when Cal is fatally stabbed outside the hospital.
  • S32 E1 – Alicia head to a refugee camp and takes a shine to British medic Cameron.
  • S32 E4 – Elle gives Alicia a driving lesson which ends in a collision.
  • S32 E8 – Alicia accidentally runs over her driving instructor’s foot on the day of her driving test.
  • S32 E24 – Alicia and Ethan kiss, unbeknown to him that she is behind the blog that has been causing him grief.
  • S32 E27 – Alicia finally admits to Ethan that she is the resus blogger. He is furious but doesn’t reveal her name to Jac.
  • S32 E36 – Ethan and Alicia have a heart to heart and agree to be friends again. But her hopes of a full reconciliation are dashed when he brushes her off to see Leigh Ann. Alicia decides on a drunken night out with the junior doctors instead.
  • S32 E37 – Alicia struggles to process the events of her night with Eddie. She goes out to deal with a bus crash but later collapses at work when the rape trauma catches up with her.
  • S32 E38 – Eddie realises Alicia is scared of him after discovering that she has swapped all her shifts to avoid him.
  • S32 E39 – Bea grows concern for Alicia.
  • S32 E40 – Alicia talks Leigh Ann out of ruining Ethan’s career. Before Alicia can admit to Ethan about her rape ordeal, Ethan has a confession of his own that he killed Scott Ellison.
  • S32 E41 – Alicia struggles to work with Eddie and her angry outbursts increase, but she opens up when Bea confronts her with concerns about her behaviour.
  • S32 E42 – Bea goes with Alicia to a SAR clinic.
  • S32 E43 – Alicia tries to put events behind her but Bea is disappointed she hasn’t gone to the police. ­­­Bea betrays Alicia’s confidence when she snaps at Eddie and accuses him of rape. Angry Alicia slaps Bea.
  • S32 E44 – Alicia plucks up her courage to tell the police that she has been raped and Eddie is arrested. He later breaks bail to visit Alicia. An angry confrontation between them leads Alicia to being pushed through a glass door.

Alicia’s Twitter Moments – Clips

Love Interests

  • Caleb Knight
  • Ethan Hardy
  • Sam Strachan

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