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Cas Character

Bea Kinsella

Played by Michelle Fox


S32 E22 – S32 E44

Job Title


First Words


Father, Dougie


Bea is gutsy and unapologetically ambitious. She’s also not your typical F1, unafraid to jump in with both feet and get her hands dirty. The bigger and more gruesome the challenge, the better for Bea – she can think of nothing worse than wasting her time on minors. She’s hungry to learn but her ambition to succeed can sometimes make her seem dismissive to those around her, especially the nurses.

She takes pride in her appearance and loves the attention of men and women alike. Women because she fancies them and men because it gives her the ability to wrap them round her little finger. She manages her emotions well and would never like to show her soft side at work, but can be reduced to a blubbering wreck watching a rom-com.

Bea is very loyal and fiercely protective of those she truly loves. From a working class background, she’s worked tirelessly to put herself through medical school, where she studied next to Rash. She’s now supporting her alcoholic father after Bea’s mother left when she was a young girl.

During her short stint in Holby, Bea also supports Alicia through her rape ordeal

Memorable Moments

  • S32 E22 – Eager Bea faces trial by fire on her first day.
  • S32 E26 – Ethan suspects Bea is the resus blogger
  • S32 E28 – Bea looks after a Falklands War veteran, before going up against smarmy F1 Eddie for a place on a coveted training course.
  • S32 E30 – Bea is concerned Dylan’s alcoholism is affecting his judgement and asks to shadow him.
  • S32 E31 – Bea becomes privy to a patient’s secret following a drink driving accident and questions what she should do next.
  • S32 E32 – Between study and work, Bea has been burning the candle at both ends and resorts to popping caffeine tablets throughout the shift to cope. When she ends up missing broken glass embedded in a patient’s body and they become critical, Ethan is furious with Bea, scathingly questions her aptitude and sends her home. Distraught, Bea hits the bottle and gets herself into a dangerous situation.
  • S32 E33 – Bea wakes up in an alleyway after being drunk and is taken to hospital despite her humiliation.
  • S32 E35 – Bea ignores Ethan’s calls, not realising he wants to help her salvage her promising career. When Bea’s alcoholic dad Dougie is admitted to the ED, however, she has no choice but to face her colleagues and her fears. Bea’s adamant her resignation from the ED still stands but Dylan has a few choice words for her.
  • S32 E36 – Bea struggles to regain her confidence on her first day back at work.
  • S32 E38 – Bea receives a phone call about her dad and leaves work to pick him up from the police station.
  • S32 E39 – Bea grows concern for Alicia.
  • S32 E41 – Alicia struggles to work with Eddie and her angry outbursts increase, but she opens up when Bea confronts her with concerns about her behaviour.
  • S32 E42 – Bea goes with Alicia to a rape counsellor.
  • S32 E43 – Bea betrays Alicia’s confidence when she snaps at Eddie and accuses him of rape. Angry Alicia slaps Bea.
  • S32 E44 – Bea leaves to make a fresh start in Paris on a trauma course.

Love Interest

  • Susie

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