Dylan Keogh

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Played by William Beck


S25 E28 ‘Only Human’ – S27 E16 ‘I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus’; S29 E8 –

Job Title

Consultant in Emergency Medicine

First Words

Dylan is eating cornflakes from a mug when his phone goes off (S Club 7 ‘Reach’ ringtone)

Dylan : Keogh

Miriam : Dylan, it’s Miriam

Dylan : Miriam who?


Ex-wife, Sam Nichols. Father, Brian Carroll. Half-sister, Rihanna.


Shambolic and cynical, Dylan Keogh’s last post was as a country GP. He likes to keep his personal life private and lives on a house boat with his main love, dog Dervla. Blunt with his patients, Dylan loves intriguing cases. During the series we learn a surprising secret when Sam Nicholls joins the team and reveals that she is his estranged wife.

We are first introduced to Dylan in S25 E28, needing a replacement for Ruth who has been admitted to a psych ward, Miriam thinks she has just the person to take on the job. She calls up Dylan, who reluctantly agrees to meet her, but the bus he’s on crashes en route. Dylan just manages to free a woman, Hannah, when the bus explodes. He ends up at the ED along with some of the other victims, including the driver. Jordan is unable to diagnose the problem with the driver, but an unwilling Dylan makes a “eureka” diagnosis. In S25 E30, the team gossip about Holby’s latest doctor, Dylan, and Zoe is horrified to learn that Dylan was standing behind her all along. Throughout the day, Dylan rubs most of them up the wrong way with his brazen disregard for the rules, coupled with his know-it-all attitude. Zoe softens a little, though, when Dylan persists with a treatment, which he feels is the best thing for his patient, despite being threatened with a lawsuit. In S25 E33, It’s Polly’s last day as a paramedic and she attends a shout with Jeff – for disturbed former patient Hannah. Hannah has now scalded herself and insists on being treated by Dylan, much to his discomfort. Becoming increasingly obsessed with Dylan’s cavalier treatment of her, Hannah is determined to make him suffer as she has. With malicious intent she grabs a large pair of scissors, just as Polly runs to comfort her. In S25 E34, Polly’s life hangs in the balance as she lays collapsed in the basement. Hannah finds Dylan to explain but he won’t listen. As he’s hidden his dog, Dervla, in the basement, he is reluctant to let anyone go down there. Dylan becomes concerned when Polly fails to return his calls and, when her phone is found in Hannah’s cubicle, Dylan confronts Hannah, who pulls a bloody knife on him. Alarmed, he orders Jay to go down to the basement and discover Polly’s been hurt. Unable to save her, Polly dies. Dylan decides to leave Holby ED. In S25 E39, Zoe tries to get Dylan back to work, but he’s feeling too guilty about Polly’s death to enter the ED. But when a curious case turns up which has the team at loggerheads, Dylan’s interest is piqued. In S25 E43, Dylan is bored of the Clinical Decision Unit. He only wants exciting, unusual problems to solve. No more dull patients. When homeless girl Becca arrives, brought in following a violent attack, Dylan diagnoses night blindness, but later she appears on his doorstep needing a place to stay. In S25 E44, Dylan offers sick street girl Becca a place to stay for the night but finds himself in serious trouble when Jordan finds out she’s only 15.

In S26 E3, Dylan solves the case where a number of patients have been brought in believed to be from a poisoned supply of heroin which has found its way on to the streets. In S26 E4, Zoe is surprised to discover that Dylan is a Basics volunteer, helping paramedics at the scene of accidents. But later, in a rare moment of openness, Dylan reveals the real reason for his altruistic behaviour. In S26 E10, Dylan is shocked to meet new recruit Sam in the ED and it’s clear they have history – especially when Sam mocks Dylan’s claim to be the “Sherlock Holmes” of medicine, much to Zoe’s watchful delight. In S26 E12, frightened young girl Esther comes into the ED and her “mother”, Saskia, takes an instant dislike to Dylan. Dylan soon realises that Saskia is not all she seems, but goes beyond the call of duty to help Esther. In S26 E13, Dylan and Sam put aside their differences to diagnose a mystery condition and help a young teenage mother keep her baby. In S26 E16, a fire is ravaging the department and Zoe and Dylan are trapped in resus. While it looks like rescue is unlikely, Zoe and Dylan do some straight talking. But are eventually rescued, not before it is revealed to the team that Sam and Dylan are married. In S26 E17, Holby ED is at full stretch following a gas explosion. A patient lashes out at Dylan but Sam restrains him with a physical head lock. In S16 E18, Dylan accuses Sam of interfering when her attempts to reunite a dying patient with his ex-wife go awry when it turns out that it was his former lover he actually wanted to see. In S26 E20, homeless alcoholic Duncan gives Dylan a run for his money when he’s brought into the ED after his trolley of belongings catches fire. Dylan is surprised to find someone ruder and less cooperative than himself, but realises there’s more to Duncan than meets the eye. Dylan shows a softer side. In S26 E28, following the allegation of assault against Sam by a patient’s relative, she gave a headlock, a GMC official, is in the ED to conduct interviews with Sam’s colleagues. Dylan goes out of his way to try to avoid the grilling. In S26 E30, two dog walkers become trapped undergound and Sam heads a team to rescue them. Dylan arrives for extra back up and the pair are forced to put their differences aside to treat them. In S26 E33, Dylan heads the testimonies at Sam’s GMC hearing.

Love Interests

  • Sam Nicholls

Memorable Moments

  • S25 E28 – Dylan makes his debut to Holby.
  • S25 E34 – Hannah has stabbed Polly in revenge of Dylan’s attitude towards her.
  • S25 E39 – Zoe tries to persuade Dylan to return to work.
  • S26 E16 – Zoe & Dylan are trapped in resus following a fire, whilst his marriage to Sam is revealed.
  • S26 E28 – Sam & Dylan put the difference aside to treat to patients trapped underground.
  • S29 E20 – Dylan is on a board of inspectors marking the hospital.
  • S29 E33 – Dylan is brought in as acting Clinical Lead.
  • S29 E34 – Dylan’s bubble is burst by the return of Connie.
  • S29 E35 – Dylan is left devastated by the death of a patient.
  • S29 E38 – An obsessive Dylan is worried Bay 4 is unlucky when all 3 of his patients die there.
  • S29 E40 – Dylan’s fear of the number 4 nearly costs a patient their life.
  • S29 E42 – Rita reports Dylan’s strange behaviour to Zoe.
  • S29 E43 – Dylan struggles when his estranged father Brian is brought in after crashing his truck. He is forced to overcome his fear by working in Bay 4 but later takes his frustration out on Dervla.
  • S29 E44 – Connie is forced to sign Dylan off following a breakdown.
  • S29 E45 – Zoe tries to help Dylan overcome his problems but he is slightly elated when Dervla shows up.
  • S30 E1 – Dylan is in deep shock and suffering burns after his boat catches fire at the wedding.
  • S30 E2 – Dylan is suffering from mental health issues and acknowledges that he needs help.
  • S30 E6 – Dylan and Lofty work together to help a hapless patient. Dylan confides in Lofty who offers to take care of Dervla while he gets back on his feet.
  • S30 E7 – Dylan is determined to prove his worth to Connie so he can stop treating minor patients.
  • S30 E26 – Dylan is put in front of the panel following Lofty’s involvement after nurse Diana’s death.
  • S30 E31 – Robyn tries to force a friendship with Dylan who is still missing Lofty.
  • S30 E35 – Dylan gets a nasty surprise when his father Brian turns up after he accidentally locks his daughter in his car. Brian apologises about his behaviour towards Dylan.
  • S30 E37 – Dylan tries to befriend Max through chess.
  • S30 E39 – Dylan struggles when his father and baby sister are brought back on the ward.
  • S30 E41 – Dylan tells Brian he is not fit to be a father when he causes a fire that’s puts his family’s lives in danger.
  • S30 E42 – Max helps Dylan babysit for his baby sister Rihanna.
  • S31 E10 – Cocky new F1 Seb joins the team and Elle decides to make Dylan his mentor.
  • S31 E11 – Dylan sympathises with Seb when he realises he is terrified of disappointing his Consultant father.
  • S31 E14 – A drunk Seb makes an ill-judged pass at Dylan and is mortified when he is rejected.
  • S31 E15 – Dylan tries to brush off awkwardness between himself and Seb. But Seb later makes an allegation against him of sexual advances.
  • S31 E16 – Elle tells Dylan about Seb’s complaint against him.
  • S31 E17 – Dylan is in turmoil following Seb’s allegations against him. Seb later comes clean and Dylan even gives him support as he leaves.
  • S31 E25 – Dylan faces a presentation disaster when he tries to pitch the Booze Bus to the board.


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