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Cas Character

Eddie Vincent

Played by Philip Martin Brown


S17 E7 – S17 E21


Eddie Vincent is the father of Jack and Tony, but left them when they were children. He owns a club called the “Liberation” and Eddie has a bit of reputation for trouble.

In S17 E7, club owner Eddie Vincent brings bouncer Darren into the A&E with an infected bite to the arm, but after being treated, Darren collapses. In resus Tony takes Eddie to the relatives room, where Tony realises who Eddie is; whereas Eddie doesn’t recognise Tony. Eddie is his estranged Dad. When Jack finds out he wants to know all about his father, but Tony tries to warn him away from him. After the shift, Jack goes for a drink with Eddie.

In S17 E8 Jack pays Eddie a visit and asks him why he left them when they were children. Jack tells Tony that he isn’t seeing his Dad, when really he is. In S17 E9 Eddie gives Jack club tickets for him and Tony, but Tony refuses to take anything from his father. In S17 E10 Tony becomes increasingly annoyed when he finds out that Jack is seeing his father.

In S17 E11 Jack is arrested after previously hitting Jay the photographer, whom Nikki had been chatting to. He uses his phone call from the police station to call Eddie. Eddie pays Jay a visit and threatens him to make sure he drops the charges. Jack is released and met by Eddie. Tony, who had taken time off work to see how Jack was, sees Eddie and Jack coming out of the police station together and walks away. In S17 E12 Tony and Jack argue after Tony finds out that Eddie bailed Jack out.

In S17 E13 Jack starts working with his Dad in the club. It is his first night as a bouncer. Tony is not happy with the idea, but takes the opportunity to surprise Jack by turning up on his first night, and takes the chance to talk to Eddie, putting his anger aside to listen to his part of the story. Tony isn’t happy with his Dad personally, but sees that not everything was his Dad’s fault.

In S17 E14 Jack is working at the club and he spots what he thinks is a drug dealer. He tells Eddie straight away, who then goes to sort out the problem. They confront him in the toilets and whilst Jack keeps watch, they empty his pockets and beat him up. They dump his lifeless body outside the club in some rubbish bags. Later on a routine sweep around the club, Jack sees a man run over, and realises it is the dealer. The police arrive and take Jack in for questioning. Eddie warns Jack to keep an eye on him and make sure he says nothing to the police. Nikki becomes suspicious as she is one of the first on the scene, but doesn’t say anything. Jack then sticks up for his Dad by threatening the drug dealer to keep quiet. Jack isn’t comfortable playing this role and the drug dealer realises this and says he’s going to tell the police everything. Eddie gives Jack some advice –appeal to the dealer’s greed or fear, as one will undoubtedly work. Jack tries the fear approach but the dealer isn’t convinced that Jack is as tough as he makes out he is. It looks like it worked as the dealer says nothing about the beating to the police, so it seems Eddie has got away with it.

In S17 E15 Nikki tells Jack that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore unless he stops seeing Eddie. Jack refuses to, but then Nikki gives in. In S17 E16 Jack is getting further into his father’s web and moves into Eddie’s flat. Tony is growing more concerned.

In S17 E17 Nikki is eager to take a look at the swish surroundings of Jack’s Dad’s flat but it’s clear she’d prefer it if his dad was out. Eddie is paid a visit by a couple of heavies who dole out a vicious beating. When Jack arrives home he finds the flat and his dad in a bad state. He tells Jack this is just the beginning, he’s in debt to the wrong man. Eddie tells Jack he’s going to rip off a dodgy deal to get the money to pay his debt. He says he’ll understand if he just walks away but Jack says they’re family and their problems are shared.

In S17 E18 Jack calls in sick – he’s going to help his troubled father Eddie with a robbery to pay off his debts. Jack’s clearly anxious about the heist but wants to help his dad out. Eddie explains the action plan to Jack and the rest of his gang. Jack will drive to the pub and wait for them but Jack is clearly uncomfortable and freaks out when one of the men puts a gun to his head. Eddie calms him down and they drive off to the pub. Eddie eagerly waits for the ‘drop’. Suddenly he pounces on a man and a fight breaks out. Eddie and the men jump into the car, seizing the bag of money, and Jack drives off at high speed. Suddenly, Jack takes a wrong turn and the car crashes into a stranded lorry in a lay-by. The car’s a right-off and the two men get out and run off. Eddie manages to pull himself out but Jack is unconscious with blood pouring from his head. Eddie drags him out of the wreckage and puts him down. Eddie kisses him, says ‘good luck son’, then abandons him jealously clutching his loot. Jack is left unconscious and alone.

In S17 E19 Jack is lying bloodied, alone and unconscious in a deserted car park whilst Eddie’s no-where to be seen. The police have also been called but, at the moment anyway, they seem unaware of Jack’s involvement in the heist. Eddie, on the other hand, is home free with his bag of swag safely in his hands. Jack is bought into resus where Tony wonders if all is as innocent as it seems. Tony calls Eddie who claims to be on business in London, raising Tony’s suspicions even further. The police question Jack and he claims to have been jogging in the area when the car came out of no-where and hit him. His story is a little hazy and Tony suspects there’s more to it. His suspicion is heightened when a cut and bruised Eddie turns up at the hospital anxious to speak to Jack. Jack’s Grandma is horrified to see Eddie turn up. She clearly fears he had something to do with Jack’s condition. Eddie, as ever, shrugs her off rudely. Jack is concerned about the state of Eddie’s victim, his condition is precarious, but Eddie dismisses Jack’s concerns. He tells Jack to concentrate on himself and on saying nothing to the police. Eddie tells Jack he’s the only person the police know about and, if they suspect anything, could pin it on him.

In S17 E21 A police officer arrives at Jack’s house, banging on the door before a reluctant Jack finally opens it. He tells Jack he should get a solicitor as Jason English had identified his attacker’s top, as a grey one Jack had been seen wearing. He warns him that when Jason recovered they would be holding a line-up. A worried Jack burns his grey top, telling Eddie about the police’s visit. Eddie tells Jack they need to leave, and will pick him up at six. Jack is reluctant saying he couldn’t possibly leave Tony and Nikki. Ryan receives a message for Tony; Jack wants to meet him outside. Jack says he’s going to run away with Eddie and gives Tony a letter for Nikki. Later, Tony gives her the letter and she tries to find him in the ambulance. Meanwhile, Nikki arrives just in time to bid Jack farewell. He asks her to go with him but she refuses and Eddie and Jack drive away leaving a distraught Nikki shouting after him.

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