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Cas Character

Kathleen ‘Dixie’ Dixon

Played by Jane Hazlegrove


S21 E3 ‘Waste of Space’ – S30 E21 ‘The Good Life’

Job Title


First Words

(to Cyd as driving the ambulance) If that’s what you think


Dixie definitely doesn’t go unnoticed when she arrives at Holby; she is loud and brash, a real colourful personality. Her controversial ideas and outspoken ways soon clash with the more traditional Josh.

She arrives with paramedic partner Cyd in S21 E3, when they are transferred from a different hospital. Josh is unimpressed by their laid-back attitude. And when Dixie criticises Josh’s management, he decides to break the two of them up. In S21 E4, Dixie fights authority by changing the rota so she is working with Cyd again; Josh is not happy at being undermined and decides to work with Dixie himself. Their relationship improves during the shift. Following Josh’s exit after Christmas, Dixie and Greg are both vying for the position of Duty Officer and Cyd’s loyalties are torn, since her flourishing relationship with Greg. When Dixie learns she has got the job in S21 E22, she can’t help but brag infront of the others but is miffed that Cyd doesn’t have much confidence in her. In S21 E23, Dixie tries to take control on her first shift as Duty Officer and urges staff to make all emergency calls within 8 minutes. Dixie makes an enemy of Tess when she says she will leave a patient brought in, on the floor, when they are left waiting ages for him to be admitted. In S21 E24, Dixie falls asleep at the wheel as herself and Cyd arrive at the scene of an accident. Cyd wakes her up just as they pull up and snaps at Dixie’s stupidity. Dixie admits that she messed up the rota and that she is doing two shifts back to back and that is why she is so tired. Cyd shouts at her about how dangerous it is for her to work in that type of state and demands that she goes home. In S21 E25, new paramedic Jeff starts his first shift with Dixie. The pair get off on the wrong foot but eventually Dixie (who also admits she is gay) starts to understand Jeff’s humour and he proves his prowess as a paramedic. In S21 E26, Dixie looks put out when Greg kisses Cyd infront of her and announces they are having a night in together. In S21 E27, Jeff and Dixie help fulfil a promise made by a terminally ill elderly woman to her dead pilot husband. In S21 E31, Cyd is annoyed with Dixie when she doesn’t stand by her on her search for a missing child. In S21 E34, Dixie struggles with her true feelings for Cyd, particularly when she asks for time off to go camping with Greg. In S21 E35, Jeff realises Dixie is in love with Cyd and also confides in her about the state of his own marriage. In S21 E37, Josh returns to work as a paramedic, but Dixie is concerned he is acting like he’s still in charge. In S21 E38, Greg defies Dixie’s orders to save a boy trapped following a lorry crash. He becomes her first choice for relocation following this but next episode Jeff puts himself up for transfer so Dixie doesn’t move Greg away from Cyd. In S21 E42, Cyd goes to Dixie for support when a shout brings back memories of her own backstreet abortion. In S21 E44, Cyd is bitten by a snake and is taken to hospital. Fearing the worst, Dixie tells Cyd she loves her just as the right anti-venom is found to save her. Cyd is shocked by Dixie’s revelation and tells her she can’t handle it. Their relationship remains tense over the rest of this series. In S21 E46, Greg and Dixie bicker with each other during their shift but, when they are late, Josh threatens to report Dixie. However after Dixie tells Greg the reason why she and Cyd have fallen out, Greg decides to back her up with Josh.

In S22 E1, Dixie along with rookie doctor Toby take on the casualties following an explosion. In S22 E3, Dixie is recovering in hospital following an asthma attack and is happy to get a visit from Jeff, who reveals he is back working on the paramedic team. However her happiness is short-lived when she learns Cyd has applied for a transfer. Cyd tells her their relationship has become too intense and they both need distance between them. In S22 E9, Dixie supports Josh, when he freezes on shift. In S22 E21, a worker falls into a vat of chocolate and starts to sink. Dixie jumps in to rescue him. In S22 E23, Dixie calls Greg a liability for going into a pub, during a fight, before awaiting police back up. After a tough shift, Greg confides in Dixie that he doesn’t want to do the job anymore. She attempts to console him but he is adamant to leave. In S22 E26, a hungover Dixie is in no mood to deal with new paramedic Snezana on an observation shift and deems her too serious. They later conflict over the treatment of Maggie’s daughter in labour but Dixie can’t help but be impressed when Snezana delivers the baby single-handedly. In S22 E40, Dixie and Maggie head out in the Rapid Response car in the search for a patient, putting themselves at risk in the process.

In S23 E1, a film crew are following the staff at Holby. With the film crew in tow, Jeff, Dixie and Adam arrive at the rough Farmead Estate where some fireworks have gone off in a block of flats. Managing to escape the burning building, the paramedics head back to the hospital with their injured patient but the teenager, Sammy, who started the explosion and injured Tess, is hit by the ambulance. Dixie, who is driving, is in shock when she sees what she has done. Next episode news of Sammy being hit by an ambulance infuriates the residents of the Farmead Estate, who take to the streets. Missiles are thrown and cars are set on fire. In S23 E3, Dixie and Jeff turn up unenthusiastically for their first appointment with the counsellor, Ben. In S23 E5, Dixie is talking to Ben about her first day back at work following the incident on the Farmead Estate. She’s trying to act normal, but Jeff isn’t at all convinced. When a car explodes on the Farmead Estate, Dixie and Jeff attend the shout, even though they’re not authorised to go there. When a group of lads recognise Dixie as the ambulance driver who hit Sammy, violence erupts but Jeff manages to remove her from the situation. Back at Ben’s house, Dixie tells him she now remembers events that occurred before she hit Sammy – her and Jeff did a high 5 at the camera – and admits that she totally blames herself for the accident. In S23 E6, Still struggling with her own emotions following the accident, Dixie suspects that Jeff is refusing to accept any of the blame for what happened. When the pair attend a shout where a teacher has been beaten by a man who suspects him of abusing his brother, Dixie takes charge of the situation despite being confronted by a crowd of people. In S23 E8, someone throws a brick through Dixie’s window, whilst Jeff surprises her with a Labrador puppy ‘Little Abs’. Later, while Dixie and Jeff are at a cage fight, someone firebombs Dixie’s flat. Dixie and Jeff return to the burnt-out flat. She is devestated and the puppy is presumed dead but in a later episode found. In S23 E9, after surveying the charred remains of her house, Dixie decides to have it out with Sammy’s family. At their flat, Dixie finds Sammy in a bad way but as she rushes to help, Sammy’s brother Callum orders her to let Sammy die. As Dixie refuses and calls for back-up, she spots needle marks on Sammy’s arms and knows she’s been given an overdose of morphine. As Sammy is brought into resus, Callum is seen by a cancer patient, Ronny, who has a history with the Malone brother. After Ronny launches at Callum wounding him with a scalpel, Dixie warns Callum that she knows he injected Sammy with morphine, and if he threatens her again she’ll tell his mother what he tried to do. Callum smugly tells her she already knows. In S23 E10, Jeff offers to look after Dixie’s puppy, until she finds somewhere to live. But Dixie gets a shock when she arrives at Jeff’s house with a blanket and learns that he and his wife have split up and he no longer lives there. In S23 E11, Dixie confronts Jeff and asks him why he hadn’t told her his wife had kicked him out. He throws it back in her face and tells Dixie that not everything is about her. In S23 E12, the documentary about Holby’s emergency department is to be shown on TV. Dixie is terrified of what it might show. All day long, she takes her nerves out on Jeff, before finally admitting to him how scared she is that the documentary will show she caused the crash. With Jeff’s unflinching support, she summons all her courage and they watch the documentary together. In S23 E29, there’s a fresh new face in the paramedic team – Polly – but, unfortunately, she’s arrived on the wrong day and Jeff and Dixie are bemused at her bouncy, happy attitude and the hugs she keeps dishing out.

Memorable Moments

  • S21 E3 – Brash Dixie joins the team.
  • S21 E25 – Dixie clashes with newcomer Jeff.
  • S21 E44 – Dixie declares her love for Cyd.
  • S22 E3 –  Elated at Jeff’s return but says goodbye to Cyd.
  • S23 E5 – Dixie struggles following the aftermath of knocking over Sammy.
  • S23 E9 – Dixie confronts Sammy’s family following her house fire.
  • S29 E5 – Dixie is devastated following Jeff’s death.
  • S29 E6 – Dixie finds the courage to attend and speak at Jeff’s funeral.­
  • S29 E7 – Dixie and Ash have a full blown row with her blaming him for Jeff’s death.
  • S29 E11 – Dixie reluctantly scatters Jeff’s ashes.
  • S29 E23 – Dixie and Iain are at odds over their different working methods.
  • S29 E34 – Dixie makes Iain eat humble pie – literally.
  • S29 E36 – Dixie deals with a missing baby case which makes her realise her own desire to have a baby.
  • S30 E6 – Iain and Dixie go an intense training course. Dixie meets Jess who asks her out.
  • S30 E7 – Dixie is devastated when she’s turned down by the adoption board
  • S30 E12 – Dixie has concerns that Jess is the victim of domestic abuse.
  • S30 E15 – Jess files a harassment charge against Dixie when she questions whether her partner is abusive.
  • S30 E16 – Dixie resolves to do what is best for Olivia when she learns her bosses are investigating Jess’ complaint.
  • S30 E18 – Dixie saves Jess and her daughter from a house fire started by Nikki.
  • S30 E19 – Jess makes a move on Dixie but she turns her down.
  • S30 E20 – Dixie is down in the dumps so Iain bets he can make her laugh by the end of their shift. However, he loses and has to clean the ambulance in just an apron.
  • S30 E21 – Dixie follows her heart by leaving Holby for Cornwall with Jess and Olivia.

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