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HC Character

Lola Griffin

Played by Sharon D Clarke


S7 E34 ‘Patience’ – S10 E53 ‘Mad World’; S21 E3 ‘The Burden of Proof’

Job Title


First Words

(trying to get her badge on) Come on! (she then drops something) Oh no… (Connie then welcomes her) Got stuck in traffic, major accident in town!


Lola arrives in Holby like a breath of fresh air. She is confident and assertive – even putting Connie’s nose out of joint in her first shift! She has excellent patient skills and always says what she thinks. She enjoys a joke, but can be tough and has a good repore with colleagues. And she can always be heard saying her favourite phrase, ‘My grandmother always said…’

Although Ric is not best pleased to see his ex-wife in Holby, she did not arrive to make his life hell. She seems to enjoy the competitiveness they share and enjoys a good banter with him.

Lola’s first shift in S7 E34 is far from quiet after a major coach accident, but she thrives on the emergency and doesn’t hesitate in her actions. Also managing to teach students Matt and Dean a few skills along the way. In S7 E35, Connie asks Lola to apply for the critical care Consultant position, Lola is charmed and says she will put an application in. She also treats patient, Maddie. Lola doesn’t understand why her medicine has failed to improve her condition – Connie thinks the only alternative is to operate. At the last minute, Lola stops the operation going ahead after discovering she has failed to take her pills. In S7 E36, Lola treats Mubbs, who is recovering from his heart attack and warns him he must start to take more care of himself. In S7 E50, Jess struggles to cope with Paris, who will not stop crying. Later, Jess brings the baby into the hospital, telling Lola that Paris has been crying all day but then suddenly went quiet. Lola finds bruises on Paris’s body and wonders whether a desperate Jess has shaken her baby. Ric is the only one that stands by Jess and they eventually find another cause to his bruises. They are all upset when they are unable to save him.

In S8 E3, Lola’s daughter, Cleo wants to drive her mum’s car to a party in Birmingham but Lola says no. Cleo is annoyed and speeds off in the car. Later, Cleo is admitted after being involved in an accident. The police come into the department to question Lola – assuming she was driving. Cleo asks her mother to cover for her otherwise she may lose her license, but Lola refuses and gets her to face up to her responsibilities. In S8 E4, Lola treats patient Ken, who has been injured after being crushed by a forklift truck at work. She becomes suspicious of how he came to be injured, when money between him and a colleague exchange hands. Meanwhile, Dean gives a moody Lola advice about her daughter, who has just moved in with her boyfriend. In S8 E5, Lola is impressed by Mark’s skills and asks him to join the AAU team. In S8 E7, Dean is taking his medical exams and gets talking to a woman, Shelley, in the lifts who happens to be doing one of the roleplays. During the exam, Shelley starts vomiting blood. Dean tells Lola he thinks it may be alcohol related and annoyed Shelley reveals that they talked before his exam. Lola diagnoses that Shelley’s illness has been caused by binge drinking. She tells Dean that he has to re-take his exam. In S8 E10, Lola festively sings ‘Hallelujah’ at the Christmas patient’s party.

Memorable Moments


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