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Cas Character

Maxine Price

Played by Emma Bird


S7 E1 – S7 E24

Job Title

Health Care Assistant

First Words

(to Rob) So how long have you been here?


Bubbly new HCA, Maxine Price, arrives in S7 E1, enthusiastic and down to earth, but already falls foul of Sister Duffy, when she wears a bum bag and has chewing gum. Although she works hard, she has to prove herself, as management gave A&E an HCA in place of a nurse, as it was cheaper, it didn’t impress the likes of Charlie. In her first shift, she ends up in a cubicle herself after a homeless teenager sprays her with aerosol, in an attempt to leave the department. Maxine decides not to press charges, believing the girl has enough to deal with already. In S7 E2, a woman, Georgia, comes in with stomach pains, Sandra tells Maxine she believes her to be a hopper, when Maxine tells Georgia they know this, she leaves. But infact this time she is ill with an obstructed bowel and is brought in later after collapsing. In S7 E3, a teenage daughter confides to Maxine she has tried to end her pregnancy with a knitting needle. Maxine shows her kind and supportive nature when it comes clear the teenager has been abused by her mother’s boyfriend. In S7 E6 Maxine arranges a karaoke evening to boost hospital funds. She herself performs ‘Twist and Shout’, and the event raises £359.50. In S7 E7, Maxine lets it slip her secret passion for the Territorial Army. In S7 E9, Sandra faces disciplinary action after being pressures by Rob into giving a man a penicillin injection, which she is not allowed to do. But the patient told Maxine he was allergic to penicillin, which she wrote down in his noted, but failed to tell anyone and the patient’s condition worsens. For Christmas S7 E15, Maxine arranges for everyone to pull a name from a hat and buy them a present. Problems occur when [ID 362]Simon[/ID] hasn’t participated, so she gives Duffy a present which was meant for Julian – not realising it’s a pair of boxer shorts! Maxine gets too involved with a homeless teenager, Suzie, who is hungry and cold. She is annoyed when Rob tells her she cannot stay. Suzie runs off with Maxine in tow, but she doesn’t catch her. Later Suzie is brought in after running infront of an ambulance, and faces an operation to save her arm. Her long lost Dad arrives to see her and Maxine is able to give him the Christmas card she wrote him in time. In the staff room, Maxine and Rob share a lingering Christmas kiss. In S7 E19, new Consultant Mike arrives in a jogging suit – Maxine doesn’t realise who he is and happily chatters away. She also reveals to Charlie that her parents have separated, which she is unhappy about. Next episode, Maxine’s father, Kevin, visits her to tell her he’s infatuated with a young woman called Shelley. Maxine is not impressed. She later arranges an after shift drink for Ash, who has just been promoted. In S7 E22, Maxine unhappily agrees to meet Shelley, it’s not a good meeting. In S7 E24, she tells Charlie she will just have to deal with the situation between her and her father. She also asks Charlie for a reference, as she wants to apply to be a Project 2000 Nurse. Charlie tells her she will make a very good nurse. Youths break into the hospital basements and start a fire – Maxine sees the fire coming out of the lift and calls the alarm. She proves to be calm and collected, as she shows people out the building. This is her last appearance.

Memorable Moments

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