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Cas Series

S17 E38

S17 E38 (7 Jun 03) : Last Man Standing by Rod Lewis

Episode Summary

Nikki and Jack enter a travel agents where they will plan their dream honeymoon. However, there’s a punch up happening and Jack and Nikki help to stop it and call and ambulance for the victim, Dean.

Josh and Fin bring in Leo Bestwicke who was found collapsed on a pavement. Simon enters and there is an awkward atmosphere between him and Josh. They tell Simon what has happened and then leave.

Comfort comes in at the same time with Dean and his girlfriend who is having an affair. She leaves it to her collogue to take him through and catches Josh. She tells him that Colette is being discharged that day. He is reluctant to see her and refuses the offer of taking her clothes up to her.

In reception a Holby united fan, Guy Edwards, is bought in with a public order offence and a policeman looking after him.

Comfort finds her patient she bought in, Dean, and brings Lara up to speed with his condition. Then heads off to talk to Luke. He says he is in the wards with the angel of death [Lara], then goes to help her out.Back in the travel agents, Jack hands over a stack of fifty pound notes to the organizer of their holiday. Nikki wants to know how he has saved it up, he reveals that his its his old mans legacy. Then takes a another stack of notes from his pocket and hand it to Nikki to spend on her dress, she’s reluctant to take it at first but then accepts.

A ginger haired boy comes in through the emergency ambulance door looking for his friend. Finding him in resus he asks Roxy to get his bag as he thinks there’s something of his in there. Roxy goes in to retrieve it as Dillon empties it out on the trolley. Its stuffed full of drugs and Harry establishes that the cause of Leo’s condition was due to the drugs. Roxy informs Dillon Leo’s mate wants something from the bag, but when they turn round to talk to him he has gone.

In the cubicles the guy is being seen to. He has to have stitches for the cuts on his face and a chest ex-ray for his cough. The policeman is called out. The patient then opens up to Simon and says he has lung cancer. He is not on any medication and doesn’t want to be. Simon accepts this and carries on checking out his wounds.

Dean is being wheeled into a cubicle and is trying to give his girlfriend money to go on holiday with her husband, Keith. She insists that she won’t go with Keith and wants to go with him. At that minute her husband it bought in, he loses it and starts another fight with Dean. The money is thrown up and is starts to rain twenty pound notes. It’s eventually resolved and Dean goes off to the toilet and then to have an ex-ray. His girlfriend approaches her husband and confronts him on the situation. She makes him angry again and storms out to have a cigarette.

Colette is in a ward room and is visited by Comfort who brings her up fresh clothes. Comfort starts talking to Colette and reassures her everything will be alright and that her friends will look after her.

Luke is in the gents washing his hands when he sees a reflection of a blood pool round one of the toilet cubicles. He looks over the top and sees a dead body. He informs Lara and they tell Charlie and Harry. The police are called. Back in the toilets Lara confirms that the body is of Dean. A DI makes himself known to be the head of this case to Harry. He then goes and questions Keith who denies all allegations made against him. Eventually, Keith’s wife is told and comes into his cubicle accusing him of keeping to his word.

Jack and Tony are back in their appartment. Jack tells Tony that he has just sent Nikki to go out and get a wedding dress. Tony laves to go and do some shopping. Meanwhile, Nikki has gone into a wedding shop with Anna and is looking for her ideal dress. She finds one she likes and goes to try it on. Looking amazing in it, she asks Anna to try on the bridesmaids dress on.

Simon finds Harry to consult him on the x-ray back from the united fan. Instead of looking like lung cancer Harry says its TB and must have something done about it pronto. Simon does what he says and goes to his patient to tell him. But he arrives to the DI sorting out the murder case questioning Guy and accusing him of murder. Simon throws them out of the cubicles and tells his patient about the mistaken diagnoses. He spills his heart out saying how he has spent all his money, lost his job and home all because he thought he was going to die.

Keith is interrogated again by the DI. But this time it has consequences, he has an MR and is rushed into resus. Charlie has a go at the DI and warns him off. When they get him stable again and rake him out of resus an OD patient trys to make a run for it but Kieth grabs him and stops him. However actions have consequences, he has another MR.

Lara is in the staff room on the phone to a mate. She appears to have been abandoned by her and has no one to go out with. Luke catches her out side of the reception and asks her out. She reluctantly accepts. They are at the bar talking when Luke asks who the love of her life was, she replies Patrick. Silence came over them and then they started drinking again..

Colette gets Charlie in his office to tell him that she has resigned. She goes into the staffroom and starts to clear out her locked when Comfort enters, she tells her and Comfort takes action. She phones Josh and persuades him to get down there to stop her.

Vinnay and his henchman Joe have broken into Tony’s apartment and trashed the place. When Tony gets back with some shopping he is interrogated by Vinnay and forced to say all he knows of the money, which isn’t much. They leave without any money but threaten Tony. When Jack gets back Tony tell him of what Vinnay has said and warned. Jack tells Tony not to tell Nikki as they will be out of there in a few days. Tony reluctantly agrees.

Colette says her final farewell to Comfort and sets off. Josh and Fin get there in the nick of time and block the Taxi in. Josh gets out off the ambulance and into the cab with Colette. He spills his heart out to her, but she says she cant go on like this. Josh exits the cab, heartbroken and Colette is driven off into the distance.

Meanwhile things are hotting up for Luke and Lara back at his apartment. They kiss outside then go in.


Dean, Punch up in a travel agents, came in with a broken jaw. Was later murdered in the A&E toilets.

Keith, Punch up in a travel agents, came in with a broken hand and fractured fingers, accused of Deans murder.

Leo Bestwicke, found collapsed on the pavement, track marks on both arms, query hemorrhage. Later found out it was a heroin overdose.

Guy Edwards, cuts to the head and a bad cough. Said he had lung cancer, turned out to be Tuberculosis.

Karl Hidemann, suspected OD.

First Scene/words

[Nikki and Jack are walking into a travel agents to plan there honeymoon, but get faced with a punch up]

Nikki: No more mornings of Josh moaning. Just sun, sea and sand. I cant wait, Australia here we come!

Jack: Hang on a minute I thought you said Austria.

[They notice a fight is going on in the travel agents enter to help out. Jack walks over to the aggressive man and Nikki to the victim]

Jack: Alright, alright! Calm down!

Wife: Leave him alone.

Husband: Well I’m not the one that goes sleeping about!

[Nikki sees what the injures are to the man on the floor]

Wife: *To Nikki* What do you want?

Nikki: I’m an ambulance technician, OK?

Jack: You better leave her to it.

Nikki: *Talks to the victim* Hi, my names Nikki. What’s yours?

Husband: You won’t be joking about a holiday anymore, will you!

Wife: His names Dean. He needs an ambulance!

Nikki: Yes alright, he looks like he has a broken jaw.

Husband: My hand hurts, I reckon he’s broken it.

Nikki: Shame It’ll have to wait *to jack* call an ambulance please?

Jack: Yea sure *gets on the phone* Hi, can I have an ambulance please.

Last Scene/words

[Josh has got out of the cab and told Fin to move the ambulance out of the way of it. He does so and Colette is driven into the distance. Josh spots Simon and approaches him]

Josh: Oi! I want a word with you!

Simon: What now Josh, haven’t you said enough?

Josh: I wouldn’t waste any more breath on you, you’re not worth it. But let me make this clear, you ruined my life. And the first chance I get, I’m going to ruin yours!

[Josh walks off]

Notable Facts

  • This Episode was billed as “A Fistfull Of Euros” in TV Guides.

Screencaps : S17 E38

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