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Cas Series

S18 E13

S18 E13 (29 Nov 03) : First Impressions by Jo O’Keefe

Episode Summary

What starts out as an intimate 40th birthday meal for Jim turns into a surprise engagement party for Nikki. However, she is shocked when she arrives at the restaurant to be faced with his ex-wife, Elizabeth. Nikki is nervous about meeting the children, especially Andy, but clashes with Elizabeth while they wait for Jim, who has been delayed. Nikki accuses Andy of being immature when he refuses to accept her relationship with Jim and thinks she is a tart.

Michael Chambers is admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties. He is suffering from lung cancer and even though he soon starts feeling better the staff is worried about his swollen nose and other injuries that make it look like he would have banged his head. Charlie is worried that Michael has been trying to cause himself damage. He asks Michael’s partner, Karl, about this, but when Charlie gets distracted for a second he disappears. In the end a very upset Michael admits to Charlie that Karl, who no longer could cope with the how bad Michael was getting, was trying to suffocate him and that he did not want that to happen. On a bench outside the hospital Baz has had a chat with Karl and when she realises what happened she goes to tell Charlie, only to come to resus when Michael suddenly arrests. Tess realises that Baz has been treating a patient and accuses her of doing so without being authorised, but Charlie tells Tess that there was no problem and that the patient needed urgent help. Michael wakes up again and talks with Karl, saying that the best way for Karl to make him happy is to go away and go on with his life without him.

Harry takes Lara out to lunch to confess he is in love with her, but she turns him down, saying she cares about him only as a friend. Harry, however, seems to have trouble dealing with this.

Bex still has a tremendous thirst she cannot satisfy and she looks terrible. After one too many visits to the ladies’ she breaks down, feeling she can no longer keep it together. A concerned Tally asks Bex about it and says she cannot cope on her own with Bex constantly being away from reception. Later Tally asks Harry to take a look at her but it only makes matters worse and Bex storms off home.

Baz decides to stay in the country to look after her dying dad. Charlie offers to help by looking after Louis and Kenneth when needed, but Baz says that Dan has promised to take some time off work as well to stay there with them, so much to Charlie’s disappointment he does not seem to be needed.

Leslie, a cleaner from the hospital, comes to the department after getting a bucketful of bleach on top of her. The staff finds out that she is also working with “special services” in her spare time and Tess tells her off for doing so, saying it is illegal and that she will report her.

Daisy Whitcomb brings in her younger brother Freddy, who is feeling sick. Later on he starts deteriorating and they realise he has pneumonitis, while Daisy herself has got an eye infection. Their mother comes into hospital when Freddie is in resus and tells them that her children have never taken any medication in their whole lives and should not get any now either, since the drugs are tested on animals. She decides to take her children home to a natural healer, but Lara and Jim manage to stop her, saying that Freddie is seriously ill. Jim also tells her that the children have got ill because of all the animals they have at home and that she for once should care about her children and not only about the animals.

Shane Burrows, in a drunken teenager that is brought into the emergency department. Philip Dolan, on the other hand, is a Biology teacher that has a deep cut in his leg after getting attacked by a boy from school. He, however, does not want the Police involved and later on when Shane sees him he tries to attack the teacher again. Shane runs away from the hospital and is nowhere to be found. Shane’s mother comes to hospital only to find out that her son is not there any longer. She explains that they went to court earlier in the morning, but their case against a teacher that had been mistreating Shane had not been taken any further due to lack of evidence, so Shane had said that he would get revenge by himself instead. A little while later Shane is brought back into hospital, this once after getting hit by a car and much to his mother’s distress he does not survive.


Michael Chambers – a 44-year-old with lung cancer, boyfriend tries to suffocate

Freddie Whitcomb – a little boy with pneumonitis

Daisy Whitcomb – Freddie’s older sister, eye infection

Shane Burrows – brought in drunk, later on dies after being hit by a car

Philip Dolan – a 33-year-old Biology teacher, injured leg

Leslie – a cleaning woman from the hospital, has got bleach on top of her

First Scene/words

[Luke and Nikki bring in a patient]

Luke: Michael Chambers, he’s forty-four. Advanced COPD. He’s esperienced advanced respiratory difficulty for the past hour.

Last Scene/words

[Lara is about to leave the engagament party]

Harry: Please don’t go.

Lara: I’m going before I say something I’ll regret.

Harry: I’m sorry.

Lara: Is this how you’ll be going to deal with the situation, Harry? Pulling me up in front of everyone, trying to make me feel small.

Harry: Would you just give me one last chance? I’m trying.

[Lara looks at him for a while before walking away. Harry almost starts saying something, but decides not to.]

Notable Facts

* Gwyneth Strong plays Elizabeth.

* Tony Slattery plays Michael Chambers.

Screencaps : S18 E13

Guide by Karin.

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