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Cas Series

S20 E33

S20 E33 (15 Apr 06) : First Impressions by Gary Parker

Episode Summary

Luke is refereeing at a charity youth football match. Two boys, Sol and his friend Max are playing on the hall roof when it collapses. Luke bravely climbs down to treat them and when Josh and Nina arrive, Sol and Max are taken to hospital. Luke sees Sol being thrown out of the hospital by security for causing a disturbance. Luke intervenes – he thinks Sol is a promising football player and doesn’t believe he is a troublemaker. Later, Max wants Sol to bring his bag but Sol argues that he doesn’t want to give it to Max. Ellen hears the noise and goes to throw Sol out, Sol gives him the bag. Sol becomes aggressive and Luke is forced to throw him out. However, Sol sneaks back in and goes to see Max. He finds him collapsed in a pool of blood. Sol explains to Luke that Max had been drinking cleaning solvent – Sol had wanted to get it back from him. Luke talks to Sol who gets agitated and aggressive – he threatens him with a blade. Sol says he is a refugee from Sierra Leone and has seen terrible things in his country. When he first came to England he was bullied but Max stood up for him and was his friend. Luke talks to Sol and manages to calm him down. Sol’s uncle comes to pick him up and Luke tells him he is a good football player and that he would like to coach him. His uncle says no, so Luke takes Sol aside and arranges to secretly meet him in the park tomorrow. Comfort worries about what Luke is getting himself into.

Meanwhile, the chemotherapy is making Ellen feel ill but, since she still refuses to tell anyone about it, the staff still think she is faking. Later, Abs tells Ellen that he wants a divorce and she runs off in tears. She tells Tess she has a migraine and is sent home.

Elsewhere, Maggie gets a romantic email from a stranger. She asks Alice to find out who is behind it and is surprised by the answer – it’s Charlie. However when she subtly tries to broach the subject with him, she’s not convinced he knows what she’s talking about.

A man, Chris, collapses ato work. They discover he has had plastic surgery to have implants in his chest, which have got infected. His girlfriend is unhappy that he has done it to impress her and dumps him.

An old man, Martin, with his dog, is brought in after a leg injury. Charlie and Maggie persuade him to ask out his female friend.


* Max – solvent abuse.

* Sol – minor injuries.

* Chris Edwards – infected chest implant.

* Martin Aston – leg injury.

Notable Facts

* It seems Alice has a firm nickname with staff now when Abs asks ‘Where’s Charlie Dimmock?’

* Josh is unhappy that Luke climbed in through the hall roof. ‘Next time – this isn’t Mission Impossible’.

* Maggie’s first email reads ‘You have a lovely smile. Would you like me to make it bigger?’

* Maggie’s second email reads ‘Give me a hope or end my misery. Drop us a line. Old Timer’.

* Charlie’s email addess is ‘JazzMan2000’.

* Kelsey puts ideas into Abs head about his marriage to Ellen. ‘If it was me it would freak me out, then again I’m not into threesomes’.

* ‘I’ll never learn will I?’ says Luke to Comfort, as he befriends Sol.

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