S23 E38

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S23 E38 (23 May 09) : With This Ring by Martin Jameson & Alice Nutter

Episode Summary

A badly beaten Alice is rushed into the Emergency Department with Curtis by her side. When the police arrive and admit they can’t link Tony to the attack, Curtis decides to take the law into his own hands and confront Tony himself – despite Alice’s pleas to end the violence.

Jessica and Adam, meanwhile, plan to register Harry’s birth together, but Adam can’t get away from work when Alice is brought in. Later, after overhearing his colleagues speculating whether or not Harry looks like Sean, Adam decides to take responsibility and publicly announces that he is Harry’s father and tells Jessica that they can amend the birth certificate to make it official.

Elsewhere, Mully and his partner, James, row about money in their furniture workshop. James is operating a circular saw and, as the row escalates, accidentally slices off his hand. Mully can’t cope with the sight of blood and rushes out to ask for help from homeless man William – who had earlier sold them a lighter. William tries to help but collapses, due to his diabetes. All three finally manage to make their way to Holby’s Emergency Department.

Meanwhile, after receiving a gift from Sharice, and realising how much she misses her, Zoe decides to focus on her career and throws herself into work.

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