S23 E05

S23 E5 (4 Oct 08) : Face Up by Suzie Smith

Episode Summary

Dixie is talking to her counsellor, Ben, about her first day back at work following the incident on the Farmead Estate. She’s trying to act normal, but Jeff isn’t at all convinced. When a car explodes on the Farmead Estate, Dixie and Jeff attend the shout, even though they’re not authorised to go there.

When a group of lads recognise Dixie as the ambulance driver who hit Sammy, violence erupts but Jeff manages to remove her from the situation. Back at Ben’s house, Dixie tells him she now remembers events that occurred before she hit Sammy and admits that she totally blames herself for the accident.

Meanwhile, Zoe learns she’s infertile and heads to a bar with Adam that night to drown her sorrows. When Adam leaves with a woman, a drunk Zoe gets locked in a loo and ends up falling, hitting her head on the toilet. When Zoe turns up in A&E, Jessica covers for her in front of their colleagues, but claiming that Zoe’s drink had been spiked.

Also, Alice joins Curtis on his paramedic shift and there’s clearly a spark between them. When they arrive at the chaotic Farmead Estate, Alice is intrigued by Curtis and the way he successfully deals with the situation.

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