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HC Past Series

7.30 No Pain No Gain – 10/5/05

Episode Summary

Michael Beauchamp’s charity is having a ball that night. Tricia persuades Mark to take Chrissie to make amends with her. Chrissie is still annoyed and tells Mark she does not want to go with him. Owen tells Chrissie she is being hard on Mark, prompting her to change her mind. However, Mark still thinks he has a spare ticket so he asks Lisa to go with him instead. Chrissie finds out that Mark is taking Lisa and is furious. Lisa says she does not want to get caught in the middle and tells Mark to take his daughter. At the ball, Chrissie gets drunk and flirts with Owen, trying to get him to dance with her. As Diane dances with Ric, Owen takes her outside. She tries to seduce him and they kiss. Her cab arrives and she asks Owen if he wants to come home with her, he reluctantly declines her invitation.

After Zubin’s suspension, Dr Green is now in charge of anaesthetics. This is all the more humiliating for Zubin as Dr Green trained under him. Connie tells Zubin she has spoken to the police about Dominic’s death but no criminal charges have been made. Zubin complains about having to answer to Dr Green. Connie suggests he take gardening leave if he does not like the arrangement. Later, Dominic Fryer’s son Daniel turns up asking for Zubin. Daniel confronts him, saying he wants to know what his father’s killer looks like. He vows to make Zubin pay, Connie watches and suggests that Zubin reconsider her offer for gardening leave. At the ball that evening Zubin tries to talk to Jess. She says she knows about the suspension and is sympathetic but tells him she cannot be seen talking to him in front of Ric and walks away.

Owen has grown impatient of Matt and Dean and leaves them to work with Mubbs. The two students disagree about the correct treatment for patient, Eve, and Mubbs lets Dean have his way. Diane is angry at being called down to a simple case of fibroids – Dean’s diagnosis was wrong and he asks Mubbs why he did not tell him earlier. Mubbs says he needs to learn from experience and he will never make the same mistake again. Meanwhile Matt befriends Eve by looking after her dogs in the car park. Later, the pair redeem themselves and Mubbs takes them to the bar to celebrate their first successful treatment.

Ric asks Diane to do an operation instead of Sean, he feel sidelined and goes to see Connie. He tells her that since the incident with Dominic Fryer, Ric does not trust Sean to work on his own. Connie says she will speak to Ric.

A man, Jack, who already has two amputated legs after being caught in a mine explosion in Angolia, is brought in after an RTA. Jack has been depressed since losing his legs. He has also suffered leg pains which Zubin proves to be psychological. With Zubin and his partner’s help, he decides to be guest speaker at the ball, as planned.

A man, Mr Berkham who has come over from Canada for a funeral suffers a clot to his leg, which needs an operation. He is not happy at his adopted daughter’s fussing and claims to Mark that she is only after his inheritance. Mark thinks otherwise when she sees how doting she is, and tries to make him see sense. When he suffers a pulmonary embolism and dies, Mark pretends to the daughter, how much he cared for her.

A woman, Tracey goes into labour. Her partner, Carl, is a DJ who thinks they will be the next famous couple. She tries to bring him back down to earth when their baby son is born.


* Jack Cooper – injuries from an RTA.

* Tracey Smith – has baby boy after a caesarean.

* Mr Berkham – leg clot. Suffers pulmonary embolism and dies.

* Eve Lewis – fibroids.

Notable Facts

* Jocelyn Jee Esien (3 Non Blondes) plays Tracey.

* Siobhan Hayes (Abi, My Family) plays Eve.

* Michael’s charity is called ‘World Health Charity’ which supports countries in the third world.

* Tickets for the ball cost £50 each.


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