S8 E51

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Episode Summary

Gina goes to see Connie again asking for her help. But Connie feels torn between helping Gina, her professional duties and her friendship with [ID 1570]Elliot[/ID].

The tampered drug batch at the hospital is still proving to be a huge worry and concern. Ric is determined to get to the bottom of it and discovers that Bradley’s actions have been unethical. Bradley chooses to help Ric get to the bottom of the drug issue, but is this enough to save his job from being on the line?

Connie continues to act cold towards [ID 1598]Sam[/ID] and brushes him off at every opportunity. Meanwhile, Chrissie admits to Sam she told Connie about some of his personal secrets in an attempt to help him, but Sam is angry at this breach of trust.

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