Sam Strachan

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Played by Tom Chambers


S31 E22 ‘You Are Your Only Limit’ –  S31 E43 ‘Somewhere Between Silences (Part Two) (appeared in three episodes prior to this on guest basis – S30 E23; S30 E24 & S31 E3)

Job Title

Medical Director / Locum Registrar

First Words


Son, Kieron and daughter Grace


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Memorable Moments

  • S30 E22 – Sam arrives in Holby with Grace and his ill girlfriend.
  • S30 E24 – As Sam prepares to return home, Connie rushes to the airport to persuade Grace not to leave.
  • S31 E27 – Sam threatens to take full custody of Grace if Connie can’t get her act together.
  • S31 E29 – Alicia wakes up in Sam’s bed after a drunken night out.
  • S31 E30 – Grace has a seizure after a fallout with Connie and it’s agreed she should go and live with Sam.
  • S31 E31 – The team are furious with Sam for announcing cost cutting measures to the hospital.
  • S31 E40 – Sam turns up in doctors scrubs after resigning from his Medical Director job. He goes out on an emergency call.
  • S31 E41 – Connie and Sam’s loathing turns to love.

Love Interests

  • Alicia Munroe
  • Connie Beauchamp

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