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Cas Character

Tally Harper

Played by Ashlie Walker / Holly Davidson


S17 E1 – S18 E34

Job Title

ED Admin Assistant

First Words


In S17 E1, Harry takes his five children for a day out at the Holby City County Fair. Family tensions are high as his 16 year old daughter Tally is threatening to leave home, and go backpacking with her boyfriend, Hugh. However, his help is needed elsewhere when there is a collision between a bungee jumper and a sky diver. Harry decides with all the traffic, an air ambulance needs to be called. It quickly becomes a full scale emergency when the helicopter crashes, after becoming entangled with the parachute. Harry is dismayed to find lives have been lost despite his heroic actions at the crash site, however Tally decides not to leave home and tells him how proud she is of him. In S17 E27, Tally persuades her mum, Beth, to take her for a promised driving lesson after Harry makes up an excuse for getting home late. The lesson turns into a nightmare when Beth grabs the wheel from Tally to avoid an oncoming car and crashes into a tree. Tally desperately calls for help, but can’t get through to her dad, who is having a secret dinner with Selena. When Harry eventually gets to the hospital and is given the bad news, he can’t bear to look at his daughter. Tally moves in with Lara, while Harry refuses to speak with her. But in S17 E33, they are able to patch up their differences when they are caught up in the commotion of a siege at the A&E department.

In Series 18, Tally starts work as an Admin Assistant in the ED department. She already has her eyes set on womanising doctor Simon Kaminski, which is bound to anger her father. In S18 E6, Simon works out that the flirty messages he’s received are from Tally. Tantalised by her provocative outfit and bold advances, he lures her into Harry’s office. In S18 E7, Simon and Tally arrive for work, having obviously spent the night together. Harry is furious and makes it clear that he strongly disapproves. In S18 E8, While in Harry’s office, Tally accidentally discovers the drugs in his pocket but he interrupts her and uses the opportunity to divulge information regarding Simon’s past. She is furious when he suggests Simon is only with her to get back at him but, feeling insecure, she asks Simon about it. In S18 E9, Tally susses that Harry has been self-prescribing. She conveys her worries to Simon and he spitefully logs the information as ammunition. He flaunts his relationship with Tally in Harry’s face by appearing half-naked in his dressing gown back at their house. Fuming, Harry tries to throw him out until Simon threatens to uncover his secret unless they discuss his career options. In S18 E11, Tally pours a bed pan all over Simon when she finds out that he has been blackmailing Harry. She backtracks but Simon declares that they are finished. In S18 E12, Tally is desperate to get back with Simon, but he callously tells her it will never happen. In S18 E24, Tally goes to visit Simon, who has just survived a serious cave accident. Her visit isn’t welcome whilst Simon gets closer to Lara. In S18 E27 is jealous when she spots Lara wearing one of his shirts at work, and after shift she is devastated when she sees them kissing. In S18 E28, Simon and Lara are oblivious to the fact that Tally knows about their secret love. But when Tally sets a trap to meet Simon and it goes badly wrong, she is enraged and defaces Lara’s photo on the notice-board. In S18 E29, Lara is concerned when she sees her photo has been defaced and her car badly keyed. Back at Simon’s flat, Tally disturbs a passionate moment between them by hurling a brick through the window. When they confront her, she unleashes a tirade of abuse and leaves in tears, devastated by Lara’s betrayal. In S18 E30, Tally warns Lara her time is up; if she does not have the decency to tell her dad about her and Simon, then she will. In S18 E31, Lara and Simon’s relationship is getting stronger, much to Tally’s annoyance. She deliberately keeps patient information from Lara but soon realises the seriousness of her actions. Lara correctly assumes that Tally’s mistake was deliberate but, when confronted, Tally shows no remorse, saying Lara deserves it for taking Simon away from her. Simon is furious and tells a devastated Tally that he loves Lara. In S18 E32, Lara makes it clear to Harry that Tally is a liability to patients and that he has to get rid of her. Harry confronts Tally over Lara’s accusations and is stunned when she admits to them. He tells her he has no alternative but to suspend her. Tally accuses Harry of being heartless, doing this on her dead mother’s birthday, but her day gets even worse when Simon lets her know he is glad to see the back of her – she was the biggest mistake of his life. Harry is brought to the toilets to find Tally unconscious on the floor after taking an overdose. In S18 E33, Tally is still in resus and Harry feels to blame for her suicide attempt. In S18 E34, Tally recovers in hospital. She breaks down when Lara visits her. She apologises for her behaviour, and Lara advises her to sort things out with Harry – but Tally believes he is blaming her for her mother’s death. Harry, realising he’s been neglecting Tally, persuades her take a holiday with him. When Harry returns, he reveals Tally has stayed on abroad.

Memorable Moments

  • S17 E1 – Tally threatens to leave home as a fairground disaster hits Holby.
  • S17 E27 – Tragedy strikes when Tally and Beth are involved in a car crash.
  • S18 E6 – Simon lures Tally into Harry’s office for a passionate embrace.
  • S18 E29 – Tally throws a brick through Simon’s window.
  • S18 E32 – Tally attempts suicide.

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