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Cas Character

Beth Harper


S17 E1 – S17 E27


The first we hear about Consultant Harry Harper’s wife Beth is that she asked their babysitter to leave as she was much too pretty!

It appears that Harry and Beth have a happy family – they have five children between the ages of one and sixteen – Daisy, Ollie, Kizzy, Jordan and Tally. Though Harry and Beth seem content with each other, they seem to spend a lot of time apart due to both their demanding jobs – Beth is a solicitor.

We first meet Beth in S17 E1. She is with Lara, trying to offer practical legal advice as Lara’s trial looms. It’s revealed that Harry asked Beth to sort a good solicitor for Lara. Lara is thankful for Beth’s advice. However Beth soon receives a call to her mobile telling her of the accident that happened at Holby Fair. She rushes to A&E but with relief finds out that her children and husband are all okay – Jordan has a slight cut to his head.

Lara has a hard time at work once she returns, and finds it hard to find somewhere to live. Harry offers her a place to stay and Beth is initially okay about this. However in S17 E13, Beth cannot go out with Harry to a charity auction as promised, and suggests Lara goes instead. When Beth returns home from work, she finds Lara and Harry sat drinking cocoa, a scene slightly too cosy for her liking. After Harry’s said Lara can stay as long as she likes, his wife begins talking about letting agents. Lara gets the hint and looks concerned. Beth comments that her dress is nice then leaves the room – Harry had told Lara that Beth wouldn’t mind if she borrowed the dress from her wardrobe.

Next episode, Harry is drawn into inviting Lara to stay over Christmas. When Beth gets back from another night out, Lara takes her chance to ask if she’s happy having her stay. Beth is evasive but Lara’s too busy telling her how much she’s enjoyed staying with them to really notice. When Harry gets back from A&E he’s greeted by an obviously annoyed Beth. Harry tries to explain that he didn’t mean to ask Lara for Christmas without consulting her but Beth’s not convinced. She wonders if Harry would be so keen to help if Lara wasn’t so attractive. Harry vehemently denies the charge.

In S17 E15, Beth arrives to meet Harry at the staff Christmas party, and is furious to find a scantily dressed and drunk Lara being held up by him. She seriously begins to question her husband’s motives – and loyalty to her. Because of this, Beth is relieved when, in the next episode, Lara leaves to move into her new flat.

Harry and Beth enjoy a rare day off together in S17 E21, when they take their boat out for a ride. They are both having fun until Harry spots a boat that appears to be in trouble. Beth begs him not to try and be a hero today, and just to call the coastguard. But in true Harry style he tackles the emergency himself, Beth soon being drawn in to help. She is shocked at the condition of the people on the other boat – illegal immigrants trying to get across to England – are starving and have had to survive on next to nothing in the crowded conditions of the boat. When the group finally get back to A&E Beth becomes personally involved in the disputes that had gone on between the people on the boat. She realises that she and Harry had been wrong about one of the immigrants and learns not to judge people on appearance or necessarily always believe their stories.

S17 E27 is Beth’s last. Her daughter Tally nags her to take her out on a driving lesson. Beth is cross because Harry had told her he’d be back to take Tally. But it is revealed to viewers that Harry is out to dinner with attractive new doctor on the wards, Selena Donovan. Beth eventually gives in and takes Tally out on the driving lesson, but Tally begins to lose control of the car. In a panic, Beth grabs the wheel to try and help but the car crashes into a tree. In A&E, Beth dies as a result of her injuries and the family are grief-stricken.

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