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Cas Character

Caleb Knight

Played by Richard Winsor


S28 E21 ‘Brothers at Arms’ – S31 E33 ‘Reap the Whirlwind (Part Two)’

Job Title

Locum/ Specialist Registrar. Emergency Medicine

First Words

(to Jamie) Hello. All yours mate. Pretty good I got this from the hotel.

Date of Birth

12th February 1984 (as shown in 30.27)


Brother, Ethan Hardy. Birth mother, Emilie Groome. Mother, Matilda.


Lothario Caleb is described as a pure adrenaline junkie. He has the ability to charm and is the complete opposite of his brother Ethan. Despite having the same parents Cal and Ethan had different upbringings which sets up a sibling rivalry between them.

It is later discovered that they were both adopted and on meeting their mother, who later dies from Huntington’s disease – both fear they have inherited it – but only Ethan has.

His other notable storyline involved a romance with con-artist Taylor, who ended up stealing Ethan’s inheritance money. Taylor later has a baby daughter which she claims to be Cal’s, however after bonding with the child, he discovers she is not his.

During Series 31, Cal struck up a romance with Alicia, despite Ethan’s feelings for her. Cal later discovers Ethan has slept with her which only makes their relationship more fraught. However Cal will always have Ethan’s back deep down. When an angry relative Scott Ellison sets out to cause revenge over his father’s death, Cal confronts him outside the hospital. However Scott fatally stabs him.

Memorable Moments

  • S28 E21 – Following his mother’s death, Cal makes his debut in the department.
  • S28 E25 – Cal is furious to learn his late mother has given Ethan responsibility for his share of the inheritance
  • S28 E33 – Robyn is flattered by Cal’s support for her during an assessment, only to have her hopes dashed.
  • S28 E34 – Cal tries to impress Lily as they work together on a patient who appears to have used the internet to diagnose himself with a brain tumour.
  • S28 E45 – Cal is negligent when dealing with a carjacking victim – something that doesn’t go unnoticed by Connie.
  • S28 E46 – Lofty and Cal use some creative thinking to reunite a couple struggling to cope with their autistic son.
  • S28 E47 – Cal and Ethan jointly solve a medical mystery after a man suffering from numerous undiagnosed conditions is brought in.
  • S28 E48 – Cal steals Ethan’s proposal idea but is exposed with some help from Lily.
  • S29 E2 – Cal helps a schoolgirl come to terms with her HIV.
  • S29 E5 – Cal is tricked into believing he is the father of a young boy by his mother Melissa and her mother, both of whom he slept with.
  • S29 E6 – Cal worries about Ethan, who was injured in the motorway accident that killed Jeff.
  • S29 E13 – Zoe gets annoyed when Cal flirts with Taylor, who comes into the Emergency Department with chest pains.
  • S29 E21 – Connie asks for Cal’s resignation but later withdraws after Charlie puts her straight.
  • S29 E25 – Cal steals money from Ethan for Taylor’s charity.
  • S29 E27 – Ethan is furious that Cal has stolen his money whilst Cal discovers Taylor is a con artist.
  • S29 E29 – Cal treats Taylor after she calls him to say she has been stabbed in the leg. Ethan helps but also calls the police on her.
  • S29 E33 – A teenage boy with cancer persuades Cal to be involved in a charity calendar.
  • S30 E7 – Cal attends a shout with Iain when there is a forklift accident at a warehouse.
  • S30 E7.1 – Webisode in which a pregnant Taylor makes a return but ends up fleeing leaving Cal holding the baby.
  • S30 E8 – Cal agrees to have a paternity test to find out if baby Matilda is his.
  • S30 E12 – Matilda is brought into the ED after becoming unwell. Cal also discovers he is not her father.
  • S30 E13 – After saying goodbye to Matilda, Cal receives more bad news when blood tests reveal his mother is not his birth mother.
  • S30 E16 – Cal goes to see his birth mother and learns she has Huntington’s disease.
  • S30 E17 – Cal struggles with his recent terrifying discovery and is involved in a car crash. But recognises that he could still be over the limit.
  • S30 E18 – Charlie urges Cal to tell Ethan the truth about their birth mother.
  • S30 E22 – Following Emilie’s arrival to the ED, Cal breaks the news to Ethan that she is their birth mother.
  • S30 E23 – Cal and Ethan end up brawling in resus.
  • S30 E26 – Cal brings Emilie into the ED where they discover she has pneumonia and not long left to live.
  • S30 E27 – Cal and Ethan take Emilie to Conleth Bay. As she passes away, they both tell her their Huntington’s results came back negative. But Ethan is lying to spare her feelings.
  • S30 E29 – Ethan goes back to Conleth Bay where Cal has gone AWOL. He apologises to him for saying he wishes he had the disease instead and says he wishes to ‘Be More Cal’. They run down to the beach together.
  • S31 E6 – Ethan is upset to see Alicia kissing Cal at her birthday party.
  • S31 E7 – Following their one night stand, Cal’s ego is bruised when Alicia tells him she wasn’t that impressed.
  • S31 E10After waking up with Alicia, Cal is forced to admit his true feelings for her, but she remains unsure about committing to a relationship.
  • S31 E14 – As Cal and Alicia enjoy a trip to a Christmas market, a woman falls off her balcony into Cal’s arms.
  • S31 E16 – Trying to show his uncommitment to Alicia, he steals Ethan’s research proposal with a plan to go to South Africa.
  • S31 E17 – Cal finds a cufflink that doesn’t belong to him on Alicia’s bedroom floor and suspects she’s having an affair.
  • S31 E20 – Cal discovers Ethan has been sleeping with Alicia.
  • S31 E21 – Cal who can barely contain his rage after finding out Ethan has slept with Alicia, decides to kiss another woman so Alicia will dump him.
  • S31 E28 – The daughter, Neeve, of a dying woman threatens to make a complaint against Cal. But he puts his own interests aside to help the grieving woman.
  • S31 E31 – Cal mobilises the junior doctors to work-to-rule against Sam’s hospital cuts.
  • S31 E32 – During the strike, Cal confronts Alicia and Ethan about their affair.
  • S31 E33 – Cal is stabbed outside the hospital and dies.

Love Interests

  • Lily Chao
  • Taylor Ashbie
  • Alicia Munroe

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